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1975 620 $600.

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Year: 1975

Make: Datsun

Model: PL620

Engine: 4cyl

Trans: 4sp Manual

Mileage: 118k ( not sure if it's accurate )

Price: $600 / $500 if you bring your own wheels.


Hate to sell, but it's come down to this or the daily drivers.


Wouldn't take much to get this truck running and driving I'll list what I know needs to be fixed/replaced.


Brakes: needs new pads, hardware kit ( rear drums have been recently turned and are within specs )

Carb: Ditch this stock hitachi and go with a webber, the hitachi is shot

Engine : with a good carb, it could be tuned right, runs but with carb issues not so well.

Glass: front window is cracked, all other glass is good.

Electrical: PO wired the driving lights up to a toggle switch, re-wire to the main switch and you're golden.


Wont take much to get this truck on the road again, tags are expired, title in hand and will need to be towed or trailerd. Asking $600 with the wheels/tires that are on it, bring your own wheels/tires and $500.


here are some pics.


Current with pathfinder wheels



dash cluster






AC unit



If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, can post/send more pics upon request. Price is firm, title in hand.

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Aren't the amber numbers 10ths? If so that's 111900 miles (or 211900) :fu:


Hah! thanks for pointing that out! what I do know is the guy I got it from had it for a few years and barely drove it! the PO before him was a mechanic and used it for his short daily commute to work. Like the sound of 111k, could be 211k?

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Whats wrong with the GMC?


Engine is going, something in the lower end so most likely rod bearrings. I've got my 350/350 combo that was going to be put into it sooner or later, so now's the time to finally get the rest of it built.

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Pass side shot









only have a few motor shots ( will have to take some tomorrow after work.




took this view for someone who was curious about the A/C pump, will snag more when it's light out.


Floors are solid, will tear out the carpet and take some photos if needed.


throw some brake shoes and a webber on it and you're good to go, at this price I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet!

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sorry didnt read everything. is it now 450 with wheels?



also could you either send or put up some more detailed pix? engine other side of truck tailgate ect..?


Yes, $450 with wheels and I'll even throw in ( 2 ) new Toyo 205-50-15's with it.

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Go to work when it's dark, come home when it's dark, my camera don't do well in the night so more pics will have to wait I can get some day light.


Lots of people been interested in parts but truth be told I just don't have the space to part it. or do I really want to with it just needing a carb and some brake shoes to be road worthy. If it's not gone in a month or so I may be able to park it at a friends while it gets gutted/scrapped.

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What ever you do, don't part it out!! That is too nice of a truck to part out, I've seen a lot worse get rebuilt, and at $600, it was a steal. I know you need the cash, but it would be criminal to part out such a good truck, if I didn't already have 2, I would be knockin' at your door. Someone please step up and save this truck!!!

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Still for sale, have seriously had around 100 emails about it and about 30 no shows, 3 have came to look at it but was expecting a $30k benz or bmw for $450.


About the only part people have emailed me on is the AC setup, I'de rather not tear it down even though the offers I have gotten for it are damn near what I'm asking for the entire truck.


If I only had a way to help tow it locally, I would!

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