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Someone wanna help me Photoshop?

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I will take any help I can get in the area of Photoshop help. I don't have it at work...can't afford it at home and even if my laptop did have it..it would more than likely crash if I tried to use it.:blink:


Freegin PC anyway.:rolleyes:


This is my Simca:




here is another one:




and a rear:




Anyone that could help me fix it up sort of..."paint" it..."lower" it...anything cool...Maroon with a black top, dark green with a black top...all original...whatever man...I would love to see it lowered, maybe some rims, painted...maybe left with the patina


I love the paint the way it is...I am just feeling like it would be really sweet to just be able to see it more ROD and less RAT...just for a minute.


I am trying to make it more 50's leadsled looking than modern HotRod.


Anyone got some time on their hands and feels like it, please let me know if you need different pictures.


Thanks guys.

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i did some stuff to it ifigured the car was gonna be driven so i lowered it enough to ri it of that god awful wheel well gap up front ditched the roof rack shaved a few small things and left it an pantina then "painted" it what do you think



btw nice place in the backround

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Holy CRAP! Oh man! Are you guys for real? :cool:


Shut the heck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blink:


Beyond what I had hoped would happen! Way beyond! I am floored!:D


Yeah..the maroon and black was my dads idea..I'm a sucker for family history and nostalgia...I think like Madness said it could be very cool looking.


I love the chop too...but the truth is that the rear window shape would make it really hard...unless it was sunken into the rear deck and the trim somehow raised up to match...:confused:


The big rims look really cool too...and the side color line...


The rack is optional...it sorta makes it feel more Euro...But I paid 30 bucks for it...so I sorta have to show it off. I think the OldRod look will be better without it. I have a window mounted swamp cooler too...I dont know...I love the look of the one in front of the house and the liitle rat on the fender!!!


Yeah...between that and the one Bonvo did...just lowered...thats it...I am well motivated to get going!


Feel free to keep em coming..I am feeling like this winter will be a good one!:D


Thank you guys for pitching in!

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exactly but in all honisty if i owned it i would make it look like my photoshops as far as stance and see if i can shoehorn a 383 in it with a munci 4 speed and a narrowed ford 9 inch out back if the 383 dont fit then there is always the 4.3 vortec :D


in all actuallity its a really cool lookin car makes me think of the old 50s ford victoria



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Dude here at work wants to buy your car :D


lmao i kinda want it to after playing with it in photoshop :lol:


edit played some more

black with some wheels



and then with a blown big block chevy :D


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Guest DatsuNoob

It needs some 17 or 18" steelies w/baby moons and whitewalls. I guess my co-worker's been looking for one of the same year for quite a while now. I think it's funny he hates the French, but loves their cars :lol:

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Wow again...super cool!


Yeah, Bob and I have been talking about the Simca getting Miata guts since I first saw the MX520...when the motor was still sitting on the floor!


Man...that would be a very quick little car that no one has heard of..:lol:


I am not even close to selling my Simca, but I do know where there are a couple others...a wagon too. If I lived to be 300 I would still run out of time to buy all the cool cars I want to own. And then of course...where to park them all right?:blink:


The powerplant plans have always been Japanese....an older large displacement 4 banger... the hemi-head 3tc looks really cool all polished up!


Maybe a Ka24de...at the most. and then a column mounted auto trans just to keep the dash as non-suspect as possible...




Thats a 4 on the tree...seen one of those recently?:rolleyes: but the shifter looks and acts like a column mount...so the conversion would be within reason.


oh, and Bonvo...no way on the blower!:eek:haha...


The car is a unibody that becomes a forward sub-frame at about the firewall so too much HP I fear may rip the poor thing in half.

The French can make great bread, nice beaches and other things that are really attractive...:blink:...:cool:...and some super cool old cars...


Driveability is my one and only goal...not speed...these cars are so rare that I would prefer to keep it almost (maybe a subtle chop?) stock looking...but then all modern underneath. I even have an extra front window just in case the chop turns sour...and an extra gas tank for any FI mods that need to happen.


Great feedback you guys! and Zuum510 is right...I do get what I pay for, but in this case, the "get" has been a really nice surprise since the "pay" was so crappy!:D


Really cool to see the potential this little car has. Thanks so much!

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