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Fly wheel gear ring

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The proper method for mounting a ring is:


Heating the ring to 350-400 degrees in an oven will expand the inner dimension, cooling the rest of the flywheel overnight in the freezer will contract it's outer dimension. Quickly slip the hot ring onto the cold wheel and tap in place. DO NOT drop a flywheel. This can loosen or even dislodge the starter ring.


Removal is usually to replace, so it is just split or cut off. You may be able to go round and round the outside and drive it off with a hammer and a piece of soft brass, flip it over and use the method above for installing it.


As Hainz said, it's not too bad. Clean it up and make sure your starter is working fine. Also is there a chance that the motor was originally an automatic??? If so it's possible (remotely possible) that the automatic spacer may have been left on the end of the crank when the flywheel was installed. This would space the flywheel to the rear away from the starter and may have caused engagement problems. (commitment issues :D)

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When the automatic flex plate (has starter ring on it) is removed be sure the spacer plate is removed from the crank before putting the flywheel on. The spacers will look like one of these:













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