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finally... nicks '72 510 "ONEFINE,FIVEDIME"

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FINALLY i get around 2 posting my build.. first off, i bought my datsun about 4 years ago from an older gentleman in fontana. (backstory) i was going w/ my grandpa to a yard sale and out of the corner of my eye i saw the taillight of the 510 sticking out of a driveway, i told my grandpa to turn around so i could look at it (i already had my first car, a '71 510 4dr. so i was always anxious to look @ one that was actually a driver) but he made me wait! after the yard sale we pulled up to the house and i jumped out to look @ every inch of this car, i was amazed at how complete it was! my grandpa yelled, "go knock on the door and ask them if its for sale!" being the nervous kid that i was @ the time i was scared, but my want for this car over powered it and so i did it!...no answer =( walking back to the car my grandpa said "leave a note on the window" ,me: "why?, what would i say? there not gona wana sell it" him:"nick, just do it, you never know, just write hi i was wondering if this car is for sale if so please give me a call, name and number" me:"ok,*writing it on a paper,placing it on the window*. BEST THING I EVER DID!! two days later the guy calls me saying i left a note on his window i asked him if it was for sale hes not sure, hed like to meet me. so i met him, a couple days later (w/my grandpa of course) hes an older (55-60) mexican gentleman, tells me a bit of history on it." i bought this car brand new in '72 and used it for transportation to work (fontana to l.a.) for 15 years, i changed the oil every 4 months,hoses and belts every 1,000 miles, and always made sure it was in tip top shape. but then you know like every car, the weather stripping gets old and the doors and windows start to rattle, then the stereo went out, thats when i realized, im getting old, and this car is too rough for me so i bought that bmw 325" *pointing @ it by the sidewalk* "what about you?, why do you want it?" me: "well i need a car for school, and i saw this out of the corner of my eye and fell in love with it" him:"well, you seem like a really good kid, and i would like to sell it to you" me:"really!?" him:"yeah" me:" how much would u sell it to me for?" him: "well,... you can see that its really good condition,and isnt missing anything, it has only this damage to it *pointing at the d/s quarter* but over all, its good and the interior is all there, plus, the motor is strong, and is good on gas" in my head i was like shit!, hes gona want alot of money! and being a kid in high school with no job i only had $200. him: " ill sell it to you for $500, because anymore and you would have to pay taxes @ the dmv"... MY JAW DROPPED TO THE F"N GROUND!! =0 me: " ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?..thank you!!... man! i dont have that much right now but can i give you what i do have as a down payment not to sell it to someone else??" him: " no, i would like it all at once, but dont worry im gona put it back in the garage and when you have all of the money, come back and get it, i wont sell it to anyone else" happiest ride home ever! naturally, i went home and gathered all the crap i could sell, dumped it, mowed as many lawns as possible, saved allowance and viola! 3 weeks later i had all the cash. called him up and told him i was ready! (it was a sunday) him:"ok how about you come down tomorrow and we will go to the dmv to put it in your name" me:"ok" showed up and he took me into his kitchen to sign the papers, pulled out a folder (documents on the car) ..he had the original window sticker still!!! .. he wouldnt let me keep it though, =( but any way went down to the dmv got it in my name, this dude was old school, he thought he had to go with me to sign it over. got back to his house and the car was all washed and ready to go!, he even showed me how to start it and cleaned the headlight with glass cleaner (lol) and there i was feeling cool as shit! driving it home. car ran great and only took $20 to fill up! there i am with a big ass kool aid smile, feeling like i hit the lotto and a couple girls walk by w a look that just says ugh, what the hell is he all happy about in that busted old car, and in my head in just thinking dam girls do you even realize what kind of car im driving?? hee hee! =D theres my datsuns story, now time for the pics! =)





















obviously i had added a couple new things the batt,lic plate frame, etc. found out all that was wrong with the stereo was the speaker was ripped! works great! but dont like am radio to much.

first "mod" i did to it: z wheels!



and that pretty much was just the begining for alot of cool stuff! *bare with me, it may take a bit to get everything on here, lots of pics!*

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thanks alot! love tellin that story its priceless! and yeah *high five back* i could never sell this car its my baby! its where my heart and soul goes.



nice car, but why did he kill that very nice green orginal paint with white paint?..lol...:D


o yeah! my bad i forgot to mention that. he said that his daughter hated the green so he painted it white..her fav.color =)

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  • 1 year later...

finally i update! sorry guys i was being super lazy and didnt want to go thru the trouble of uploading pics. so first thing i had done after wheels was stereo:




then what i should of really done first, bring that front down!



upgraded my z wheels!




then got some fender mirrors, "JAF" badge, and was rockin a 68 camaro lip (couldnt afford a real one at the time lol!)





after months of searching got a hold of 5 mesh wheels at the junkyard! 14x6 2 different brands, but i love them!





polished them out, them painted them


found center caps and got the datsun emblems from a friend,splurged for the first time and bought rays lugnuts (wtf???! idk why!)



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then i was stuntin'! lol!



bought a lip at eagle rock from this cool ass guy who was selling his extra! =)


rocked it like this till a co worker painted it for me (soo much better white!)





by then i already had switched over to the bmw projectors but as u can tell from some pics i had delta h4 too (my opinion like the stock look of the deltas better) and of course they were already h.i.d.s







take a step back, by this time i was already all over the place with my datsun work, meets,carshows,mountain runs, (LOVE glendora mnt road!)and drifting it. then people started telling me that i was drifting was misuse of a 510. it wasnt meant for that... couldnt believe my ears! lol so my main focus has been to show those kind of people i can do whatever the f$#%# i want! =). so i had been practicing but the hardest part of sliding it is that fact that i was rollin with cut coils all the way around and a stock l20b (back tracking a bit cuz i forgot the part where i swapped my car,.. car one day decided it couldnt move under its own power with the l16 and swapped in an l20b 5 speed)




lol.... which brings me to another side note. (sorry guys, like telling things in order and have been building this car for a long time)

the gear box brace in the previous pictures.


one day i pulled up to my local donut shop and was approached by an older white dude with dreadlocks all rasta'd out. he started telling me that he used to race 510s when he lived and canada years previous and had a couple pointers for me, said i should slot the rear crossmember,front strut tower holes to get camber out of the wheels and to make a brace for the gear box because it flexes alot. i decided that the brace was easy enough i could do myself. ( i worked at a muscle car shop, and my dad has a shop that does basically any metal fabrication specializing in adjustable suspension of course =) GO EZ customs in Anaheim,ca check it out!, so modifying as much as i can with the help of friends and my dad is my goal,)





it definately helped not to mention look cool as shit! =)

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so.. before i got the bucket i had the stock seat and a 4 pt harness (hey it was an improvement over the lap belt) practicing drifting + cut coils + getting a lil better + GOING FASTER = it was bound to happen at some point!






i initiated too late sending me straight into the curb... my head whipped and i smacked the side of it into my pillar... pretty sure i had a slight concussion at that point, but worse.. i had a broken 510 and didnt know what the hell i was gona do! luckily, the spot was down the street from my work and since i open in the mornings i had the keys on me (it was friday about 2 o clock in the morning, work schedule was mon- thur) so i decided to drive it there and it made it! wish i still had the video of it limping to the shop, it was funny as hell!






as any datsun owner knows, you break something u cant pick up at your local autozone the OTHER not running car u have gets jacked for the part =)

(other dime)'71



went to work , found out all i did was bend the arm! no other parts were harmed in the crashing of the 510. beautiful! swapped it out, back on my way =)



up until my crash, my main focus had always been exterior styling, but that needed to shift. i wanted it to handle as good as it looked =)

started researching what i needed to do, looking up parts, seeing prices i was not willing to pay! (or couldnt for the matter) first things first

springs, since my dad does airbags and hydraulics he had alot of extra springs laying around, put acura legend springs next to mine and decided i wanted to try it





it worked out. felt alot better then stock but my shocks were blown, cuz being low doesnt help. opted to get the vw rabbit strut inserts.



wanted to shorten my strut so i can stay low, dad decided if im gona do all the work of shortening the stock strut might as well do coilovers. i glad he had made that decision! =)

the process:






woot woot! was sittin on coilovers now! loved it! =)





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went to a nissan car show, and found out it was a swapmeet and had bought my self a 1" front and 3/4" rear swaybar for $60! super excited! got some energy suspension endlinks and sway bar bushings to do it right! (painted it purple, its my color if u havent noticed ) =)




saw some adjustable lower control arms on the internet, wanted them really bad, dad said lets make em! =) found what i needed and went to work









installed them at the same time:








ended up adjusting it to 2.5 degrees of camber (or was it 3?) night and day difference! you can throw it into corners and it feels planted best upgrade ive done that has has performance and asthetic bonuses!



bucket seat i got from a friend: (i put the patch on it)



backseat looked nasty:



so my girlfriend (wife now) sewed up a blanket to fit better






got tired of the ugly cardboard kick panels, so i made some of my own






made a better key =) bought an aluminum bezel





pick this up at another eagle rock for $10 (with hub) horn button was $10 too






picture sucks but got this at super autobacs! its a broadway mirror, nightmare b4 xmas edition ( nightmare! was the ish!)






dad had this design on his computer at work (has a plotter) second i saw it i knew i wanted to give my doors the upholstered look. nailed it dead on! =) asked my friend the vinyl master to put em on for me cuz i suck at not wrinkling them








installed and painted the 325 spoiler




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adams go kart track in riverside,ca started having thursday night drift every week which was great because i wanted as much practice as possible but didnt want to do it illegaly. i was there EVERY thursday! it was hard because i had the front suspension upgraded but all the back was stock and the l20 didnt have enough power. so not only did i need to learn to develop techniques i had to push the car super hard just to get it to slide. the whole peg leg thing had to go as well!

problem solved






decided that an e brake was in order, got this out of an 86 corolla and fiddled with it





great idea! ...but didnt work =( mostly cuz the drum brake sucks but im goin to disc so at least the brake is already in.




had been getting better at adams figured out the trick to it. inflate semi bald tires to 80 PSI, at the top of 3rd gear downshift to second and clutch kick the shit out of it! worked well, i was able to drift the whole first corner, and on two different occasions connect the s turn there! =) very proud of myself and caught the attention of a couple diff photographers that took some cool pics! =)












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I realize i type in a big ass sentence im gona try to space it out better guys.


had added a bunch of lil stuff: dash clock






custom made shift boot (by my wife)



got another friend to hit up my bumper for me ( i dont have graffitti skills) =(









came out bad ass!



side note: work tool box just needs a ratsun sticker! *wink wink*




on the way home from adams one night i started hearing this thud thought i had a flat ..nope.. looked kinda cool tho!



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kept doin ok at adams, and on the way home one night my oil light came on,decided it must be the oil pump, swapped it


out numerous times, still stayed on. one day it went out and i was excited realized i was a lil low on oil so went to


autozone and put in a quart and the second i started it it shot smoke out like a james bond smoke screen =(


freaked out, i drove that ish home (side streets of course) and when i got to my house the car shut off, restarted it and the


motor just went CLANK,CLANK,CLANK. ...blew my head gasket and piston rings. a year previous i had purchased a ka24e from a friend,


motor,trans, wiring harness, and new clutch for $150. and so i started taking the car apart for the swap.





and from there loaded it up and took it to my dads shop in Anaheim where we wanted to get it in and have some other things modified by the end of the weekend



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