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Fender mirror instal help


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i picked up a set.. wondering where exactly suposed to be mounted? oh and any suggestions to block off the door holes?


use a mig welder and tack the holes, grind, fill, sand, paint....


if you dont want to do that maybe find some super small rubber plugs to put in there but will look kinda stoooooooopid. maybe throw some stickers over it :D

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im gona have to go out and measure for sure in the morning but u drill the main hole(for the spring) from the peak where ur fender meets ur cowl towards the front of ur car 24 inches. (god that sounds confusing sorry)


yea if u can.. anxious to put them on :D

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The only reason to have fender mirrors is that in Japan you must have a clear view of the rear via the outside mirrors. Door mounts can't be seen when the side windows fog up in the rain. The location that works is on the fender where they can be seen through that portion of the windshield that is cleared by the wipers. In late model cars the defrost outlets have vents directed at the side windows, so on those models fender mirrors are a matter of choice.

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woops my bad.. 28 INCHES from fender peak forward and make sure the guide hole is straight with it. if u wana have more function mess w the pass side one a bit b4 making the guide hole. cuz i did that one straight and you can only see as close as 2 lanes away =( the driver side one is fine tho u can see in the next lane.

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from what i was told, it is factory spec... that hole you see is on a real JDM RHD 100% genuine Nissan/Datsun.


I personally haven't put my fender mirrors on yet...but i will in due time. I just dont want to be driving around with hole on my door or an unpainted patch...so, it can wait. ;)

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