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good deal

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dude whats up with you and posting what your looking at on craigs???


we dont give a shit post in the craiglist section not here

well my friend this is the second post from craigslist i have done and its general discussion cuz im swaping my engine and its a question. if you dont like my posts dont read them. jesus.

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VG30 ,its a V6 with lots of electrotonis and modifications neede to be done.

youll need flywheel. clutch kit and the correct transmission add that up then new or another radiator. driveline measuring, torsion bars in the way possibly?


I think its EZer to put a Cam in a head and sidedrafts and call it good.


just keep the L motor and drive it. otherwise this truck will never be back on the road.


Then will be in the projects "for sale" section

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VG30E would be difficult but do-able. Need Hardbody oil pan and could get away with Hardbody tranny too. Shorten driveshaft.

VG30ET no room for turbo and plumbing with 620 steering and torsion bars.


Engine weighs close to that of a KA motor, amazing. A 454 would be like having a VG30 and throwing an additional L20B in on top of it.

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