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HELP!!!!! jeep actin weird

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87 cherokee, 4.0 MPI automatic. yesterday i got a call from my wife saying she lost power. not electrical power, but motor power. it seemed to run REALLY rough and just not want to hit on all 6. then it cleared up and ran fine for a few. get it brought home on a hook and today i went to turn it around and move it. ran the same way again. after i got it moved it started running like ass again. full throttle it just bogged and died. restarted ok but still ran rough.



a freind of ours said it could be an injector that died. hes been working on cherokees and is a heavy diesel tech so i trust his word, BUT i want a 2nd opinion. ideas anyone???? my thoughts were head gasket, but no water in the oil and no oil in the water unless it popped between cyls.

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A buddy of mines XJ would run awesome in reverse, as soon as he put it in drive it would run all shitty and try to die.


He finally traced to a pinched wire, turns out the linkage was hitting it or something like that.


I can find out exactly what was wrong with his (which wire) if that sounds like your problem.

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please do. i am not sure why it would do this out of the blue like this. i had a w TPS and CTS installed 3? months ago. and its been a champ ever since until yesterday. on the way home from work it just bogged and no power. so who knows. i am going to spend the day going over everything i can to figure this out.

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Maybe all the emissions are clogged up? Sea foam it if everything else fails...

its been seafoamed int eh last 6 months. did that right after i fixed the steering column. it had been siting for 2 YEARS before that.



One injector couldn't hold it back like described. Lack of proper fuel pressure caused by a clogged filter or bad pump could. Can you test the fuel pressure at the fuel rail? Assume it should be in the mid 30s?


i dont have a good enough tester. only one for a carb setup. pump was changed when i dropped the tank in '05. i figured do it while i ahd the tank out.

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heres an odd one. i have been working on it for about 12 hour now, tried starting it 3 times, once to check for spark which i have but a weak orangeish spark, and now the battery is dead. i am thinking the alt was on its way out, again, and finally gave up the ghost and it was running off battery. maybe????

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yay!!! i get the fun and joyous job of....... dropping the fuel tank AGAIN!!!!!! when my light comes on, and this is from a chrysler tech, the tank still has about 5-7 gallons left. 13 gallon calibrated float in a 20 gallon tank. the way i figure it is the pickup tube has come off. or has a leak in it somehow. either way its not getting enough fuel to stay running. i syphoned a few gallons out of my datsuns for both my yota and the jeep and now the jeep runs like a champ. even got the one tire fire going. so i know the problem. and am NOT looking forward to yanking hte tank again.

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