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  1. you my friend are wrong... no old lady to have a knee to swing from... :P
  2. hey!...shush yourself...everyone might catch on... :blink:
  3. ding ding ding... we have a winner! its a pretty big cock too.. ;-)
  4. who can guess what it means...
  5. btw, im having a hell of a time trying to figure out EXACTLY where my electric choke should be wired, and how to adjust it? i have it wired to the factory electric choke wire from the factory harness, but it seems like it isnt doing a darn thing... i have to feather the throttle for about a minute atleast when i start it before i can even hold the throttle steady and have it stay running, and then it sits and sputters at about 2-3k rpm or it just WONT run until it hits running temps (takes about 4-5 min or so) and then i can let it idle and more it otherwise it just has absolutely no power at all and just dies if i let out the clutch. :blink: im about 5 seconds away from just throwing this pos weber in the trash and throwing my stock carb back on so it will run right, my only problem is with the hybrid swap i cant throw my stock fuel pump on the engine and im not sure how the stock carb will like the electric fuel pump and not sure exactly how to set up my fuel return? (this is on a 20R hybrid engine in my 85 toyota, A 22r with 20r head on it...suppossed to have tons of power... i've yet to be impressed.. My 5.0L swap is calling my name louder and louder..i am seriously starting to lose faith in the 4cyl...) :fu:
  6. i've had a simillar problem but mine was in a 2.2 stroker 16v vw in my rabbit, i had an injector get stuck open so it would just dump fuel into the cyl' and the fuel would blow by the rings (that were brand new) and fill the crank case, and i have also had a simillar problem with an old 5.0L in one of my projects, the problem was the float getting stuck open. So i'd check and see if the carb is clean inside, floats not sticking, none of the vacuum ports internally are clogged backing the pressure inside up. :cool:
  7. im having the same issue with my toyota 20R hybrid right now, im about to just throw the stock carb back on and ditch the pos weber, i havent had one run right yet. :mad: my other issue im having with this carb is i can turn the A/F mixure screw all the way in and it stays running, even though every single gasket on the engine is brand new less than 200 miles on it now, timing is spot on, and when i brake hard it drops the idle and stalls out, when its normal at idle it idles around 1k-1200 and the truck has no power and wont stay running unless i sit and feather the throttle for about 5 min untill its at running temps. so im completely lost..i think the carb has to be bad and need rebuilt as it was used when i got it but it looked to be in really good shape, clean inside and out. anyone have any clues as to whats going on? (not trying to hijack your thread, maybe this could help both of us.) Btw if your bog is going lean, someone said above to slightly drill out your jets, how well did that work? and also what did that do to your gas millage since we all know the weber drinks like a fish.:blink:
  8. threw in the trans... started it, and i can throw it in gear while its running without using the clutch and no wheel spin... so i have to take it back out, i think the input shaft size is diff' from trans to trans, the new one might be smaller so it isnt engaging the clutch but it doesnt make any funny noises so its odd... :blink:
  9. lol i traded some kid my half torn appart 87 bronco for a 98 gti that needed a trans and a good cleaning... and i traded the little red ranger for an 3/4 ton 88' F250 XLT power everything with a 6" skyjacker lift on 1-ton springs and 35" alcoa's with 35/12.5/16.5 mud terrains, I dropped the race windsor out of my mustang in it, it sounds MEAN i just need to finish up a couple things and she'll be much happier...
  10. lol reuger again, told you he's gangster.. (holy crap was he pissed off when my mom put that on him!) Lol does this not remind you of the movie anaconda!? oh and megan, marvin is SO cute and sooooo little... i remember when engel was almost that little..:) watch over him closely tho, dont want him turning into a young punk and speeding in that hotrod of his getting tickets and driving drunk... :lol::P
  11. i'd have to gather up all my stereo equip. and see what all i have first. i have to have one for each car and i do believe that leaves me with one extra maybe 2, if its two i can do a better deal. but i can use the amp (i orig paid $150 for it and it works like new still) so im not really willing to drop on the price for that much and i have close to $400 into the subs and box so im not going to budge on the price for that much at all. if you guys were closer i would say im into bartering... i need parts for my mustang, like exhaust/headers/ and a clutch so i can do some trading...but from 1/2 states away thats a little tricky.. :lol:
  12. lol, damn marky... but you know EXACTLY what im going to say the problem is....:lol: :D:p good luck buddie (btw, if you keep frying alts you need to look into your volt. regulator;))
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