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"HOW TO" improve the performance of your Honduh!


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For the inept clueless types, keep driving your wrong-wheel-drive economy car, this thread is NOT for you! noway.gif


For you guys/gals that desire a true high performance driving experience but have been saddled with moms hand me down wrong wheel drive pull toy, there is hope. scratch.gif


Somehow or another, find a way to get that sorry excuse for transportation in the driveway.

Be sure the engine is off, key is removed from the ignition, and the nut behind the wheel is.. uh.. well.. uh…. behind the wheel! please.gif


On the driver side, kick panel, just in front of the door will be a black “T” handle with a diagram of an automobile on it.


The Interior kick panel! whistle.gif


Ok dummy, look down and to the left! orizz.gif


There you ago! That’s a big boy helping daddy!


The diagram on the handle itself may not look anything like the car you are actually sitting in, but that is ok, don’t get discouraged. That handle is probably the correct handle for that vehicle and should work. If you are so OCD that you can’t proceed any further, then get on to eBay and find a black “T” handle that has the correct depiction of your car on it, swap it out! workinprogress.gif





Now lets pull on that handle….





I said pull!!! pesi.gif


You should feel some slight resistance, then it should pull out with an audible click/thunk/clunk, etc. If the handle did not pull out any measurable amount or make any noticeable noises, then you didn’t pull hard enough you sissy fag! (Pull up your gumby pants, were tired of looking at your Hannah Montana boxers, sissy fag!) ass.gifclown.gif


Now step out of the car and walk over to the front of the car, (you did set the parking brake before you got out, right?) bash.gif You should see the hood ajar. Not “a jar”, but “ajar”, bone head! Lift up on the hood, feeling under the front edge of the hood for another leever!

No, I am not British, I just like to say leeever! cilindro.gif

Depending on your Honduh product, the leeever may need to be lifted up, pushed down, or pushed sideways! Sorry, but that is the way it is, I’m sure you have the mental capacity to figure out which direction it needs to be moved to fully release the hood latch! sbonk.gif


Once you get it open and are done crying, use the hood prop rod to hold the hood up in the air! Here is a picture of the hood prop rod for those not so mechanically inclined individuals that should not be allowed to drive in the first place!




Now comes the most difficult part of this operation. You need to locate the radiator cap. It is twist on cap, usually silver in color, with two protruding bumps to aid in removal. If you find a twist on cap on the engine that reads 710 or 01L, that is NOT it!


If you find a yellow cap that reads DOT3 or DOT4, that is also NOT it! wow.gif


Once you locate the radiator cap, push down on it, firmly, and rotate counterclockwise, to the left! Your OTHER left, idiot! OMG! faint.gif


Continue rotating to the left as hard as you can till it wont turn anymore. Some of you may notice a rising fog emanating from around the cap and a subsequent searing sensation on your hand. Just ignore that sensation. You will develop these neat little skin bubbles that you can pop in the next few hours! Sorta like popping bubble-wrap, but way more fun! mummy.gif




Now with the radiator cap removed,



…roll that lowly-trailer-trash-wrong-wheel drive econo box out of the driveway and pull up a true rear wheel, or all wheel drive sports car/coupe/sedan, reinstall the radiator cap, and enjoy! woot.gifvictory.gif

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:eek: well atleast my wrong wheel drive is a nissan :fu: :lol:


Yeah, because the badge on the hood somehow “fixes” wrong wheel drive.. laugh.gifSorry, couldn’t resist, the door was wide open for that one…






Power ON over steer, FTW, (grabbing the E-brake to “simulate” this maneuver does not count, RWD can do that, TOO!)


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What the .... does this have to so with converting FWD to RWD? shrug.gif

Put the plastic red cup down and step away from the keg! You son have had enough! cool.gif



I would agree, the the-only REAL Hummer is the H1, the rest are just ricers with money!


Hey look at me! I bought an all-show hummer that might see a gravel driveway, so people can notice me for not having any real clue about the choices I make in my purchases, only that it gets me attention! Next I will spend even more money on tires and wheels that are sports car like so it gets me even more attention on the freeway, even though it will never be a true sports car and now has now off road prowess whatsoever! Money well spent don’t you think? I'm cool! Don't believe me, just ask me, I'll tell ya! I dig me!

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well i know stuff starts happening around 6 so thats when im going to try to be there.. skib should be there an i think hugh said he'd try to make it, an ofcourse a bunch of other ratsuners are suppose to come too :)


heres a link to the thread..



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