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Black Datto's $100 '78 510 Wagon Ratsun Project

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Ok, here she is! Not much too look at yet.. but for $100.. it's hard to beat!

Runs and drives, needed a freeze plug and water pump. Next up is a carb swap, new drivers seat, and Tdaaj is insistent it needs new wheels ASAP.


We bought it from it's second owners - they bought it in 1980. Oh, and the clock works :D


We aren't going hot rod on this.. no matter what Tdaaj may think. It is to be my daily driver and I'm interested in MPG not MPH. However, I do want to fix her up a bit. Right now I'm thinking some sort of copper color for the outside.. with black accented interior. And yes, something better on the wheels and tires.






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bonnie found the ad on craigslist and immediately called me at work. we've been looking for another economical vehicle for while. shes been stuck with the gas guzzling chevy for quite awhile now. i called the seller asking what kind of work it needed, he said"water pump, freeze plug and a battery." i called the napa and ordered the wp gasket, a few fp's and and a manifold gasket in case i had to pull them, all under $20. we loaded the truck up with every needed to rebuild the car , an got the dolly in case we had to tow it anyways. headed out to port townsend Saturday morning, bought the car, threw it on the dolly and headed for her moms. i proceeded to get everything fixed and took it for a test drive, ran great. no water leakage:thumbsup:, but the carb leaked like a siv. only thing i didn't bring with me:( , back on the dolly she went. so we should have a little more the $250 into her total by the time we have it on the road, tax, title, liscence and seats.

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