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  1. Tdaaj and I are having a garage sale this Saturday. There will be a ton of vintage car parts and several of our friends are contributing stuff as well so there should be a wide variety of makes - Datsun Nissan, Mopar, Ford, Chevy, VW, you name it. Lots of Hotwheels and toys too. Saturday ONLY, 8am to 5ish, in Tenino off of Bucoda Hwy SE & 184th Ave SE (follow the signs). If you have any questions just e-mail me or Tdaaj. Be sure to e-mail though.. I'm horrible about checking PM's on here.
  2. BlackDatto

    parting out 76 620 $1 & up

    Ok, I'm back and have taken over shipping of parts again. If you are still missing something from an order placed with Tdaaj / Ted please e-mail me via the link on my profile. People who haven't sent money and want parts- to avoid future issues like this we are not accepting the money for the parts until they are boxed up and ready to ship the very next day. I know there is no excuse for letting you wait this long and I'm very sorry. I found out about it at the end of last week and have been doing everything I can to get the parts out and people contacted. Ted is extraordinarily embarrassed about the entire thing. The DR's and I are doing everything we can to get the old Ted back , in the meantime please bear with us and if you are having an issue e-mail me directly.
  3. If you are waiting on parts from Tdaaj please email me. I'm his wife, and I just recently discovered that a couple of people have been waiting for parts and haven't heard from Tdaaj in a while. I won't go into details here, but Tdaaj has been having some medical problems and has been having trouble catching up with his Ratsun transactions. So if you are waiting on Tdaaj for something please e-mail me directly- wildfyre at gmail dot com Be sure to put Ratsun in the subject line. Please do not post here to complain about it. I don't want to start a flame war, I just want to get in touch with everyone and make things right.
  4. BlackDatto

    Happy Birthday Tdaaj!!

    The big 3-0 today! :blink: :lol:
  5. BlackDatto

    Fisch's Art Gallery and Print shop

    Guess what Tdaaj got for Christmas... :D
  6. BlackDatto

    Datsun Mileage Computer

    Just listed this on Ebay :D Mileage Computer Also listed some 521 and 620 window crank handle sets.. 620 Window Crank Handles 521 Window Crank Handles and some 620 arm rests in black Five 620 Hubcaps
  7. Wow, I'm still getting PM's on this.. sorry I didn't post it earlier, but the 620 bench seat is gone.
  8. BlackDatto

    Buried in your Datsun?

    Maybe he's worried about Zombies? I thought the guns thing was a little excessive.. I'd rather pass mine down to my family..
  9. BlackDatto

    Buried in your Datsun?

    Ok, so it's a Pontiac not a Datsun.. I was going to keep this quiet so that Tdaaj wouldn't see it and get ideas. But hopefully I have at least 50 years before I have to start worrying about it.. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/10/man-buried-in-his-pontiac-catalina/
  10. BlackDatto

    620 tach $150

    Not that it is anyone's business.. but YES WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY :eek: Ok, past the shock now? The reason is Ted just spent a mint taking me to Alaska to spread my father's ashes. We have to pay that debt off asap so we can get something besides 40 year old baseboard heaters in our house before winter hits. Happy now? Is that enough info for ya? And as for why Ted has so many Datsun parts.. why do many of you have so many Datsuns?? Technically most people only NEED one car :cool: It's because he loves them, he eats, sleeps, and breathes Datsun.. and if he comes across something that he can save, he grabs it. If he had the space he would drag home every rusted out hulk of a truck that he found.. just so he could save anything usable from getting crushed. But.. in the past 3 years that I've known Ted, I have seen him use that stash of parts to help out many of you. Ted has given away at least as many parts as he has sold, if not more. Not to mention the time and elbow grease he has put into helping people fix their trucks. So if we are in a financial pinch (like so many others right now) and he needs to sell something at a profit, I don't see why anyone should bitch. If you don't like the price... DON"T BUY IT :fu:
  11. Ok, this breaks my heart but I have to sell my baby. I need the $$ to fly north to spread my Dad's ashes. And NO.. I will not sell it for cheap to someone to use as a demo derby car.. don't even ask. The stats - 1971 Plymouth Fury III - 4 doors - 360 V8 - automatic 727 tranny - 4 new tires- clear title - current tabs - non-smoking owners. We have already done some work on it, including replacing the points with an electronic ignition, installing a new distributor, etc. Has had regular fluid changes and maintenance for as long as I've had it. Interior is in good shape for it's age. No mold, mildew or anything of the sort. A few small tears on the seats, and the passenger side front carpet has been removed and has a small hole in the floor pan. Gets approximately 18 mpg. This has been my daily driver for several years. $1,300 or best REASONABLE offer - no trades and the aforementioned hole in the floor-
  12. Tdaaj does have a 320 bench seat but it's springs only - needs completely reupholstered. He wants $25 for it because the springs are in good shape.
  13. Trying to sell some more stuff to raise $$ for the Alaska trip. Tdaaj has these 15 X 7 Toyota wheels up for sale. Asking $75 OBO Plus the bench seat out of the 620. FREE All of it located in Tenino, Washington. PM either myself of Tdaaj if you're interested
  14. BlackDatto


    So Tdaaj got tired of the busted seat in his 620 and finally replaced it tonight. He also had a sneaking suspicion that a mouse was living under the seat.. and he wanted to flush it out. When he pulled the old seat out, this is what he found- :blink: That mouse was living like a king! And note the pliers jammed in the springs of the seat? No wonder it hurt his back :P

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