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  1. turbojunker

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    That’s the only complaint I have. It’s hard for my old ass to read now.
  2. turbojunker

    new guy in alabama

    Which part of Alabama? If there’s other Datsuns I’m down to buy some parts.
  3. turbojunker

    76 610 Goon Daily

    Nice car. I wish mine was in that good of shape.
  4. turbojunker

    610 goon boso\rat build

    I’ll have to check those out. I also had to drill the hell out of the ones I’m running right now but I needed to get the car back on the ground in a hurry.
  5. turbojunker

    610 goon boso\rat build

    Which 3” blocks did you use? I like how yours sits. I put 2” blocks on mine and they aren’t low enough and also have the bonus feature of not fitting worth a shit.
  6. turbojunker


    These are pretty easy to adjust. It took me longer to free the adjusters up because they were rusted all to shit than it did to adjust the brakes.
  7. turbojunker


    I just went through the brakes on my 76 so if you need some pictures or measurements I can help.
  8. That just gives me a good reason to scrap this thing without feeling guilty, then.
  9. What does that top cowl say on it? It looks like the one I need for my HL510.
  10. turbojunker


    I'm more interested in the fender flares. They look like they're off a Cherokee or something.
  11. turbojunker


    I wish you weren't eleventy billion miles away, I need that piece of glass you took off.
  12. turbojunker

    well shit...

    That's a B310 wheel. I've got one in my HL510, I pulled it out of a 79ish 210 hatchback.
  13. turbojunker

    L20B Turboed?

    I usually just drive around making the sounds myself. TweeeeeeeeeeeeeePSSSSHHHHtweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeePSSSSSHHHHHH

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