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My Goony..

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ok well in order to clean up the mess i have created on ratsun i realized i should put all my ish in one thread haha :D some times i can be a lil slow:blink:... but yea ok so i got a 71 goon i lowered it 3 inch blocks and have 15x7 sportmax 513 rims on it. im in the process of shaving my marker lights and also doing an l18 engine swap with a dogleg 5 speed... i was going to swap to ei but i put the points back in and as soon as i put them in it fired right up :) but i had a bad gasket and now i have water in the cylinders...and thats were i am today... shitty....

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i kno i kno i have pics on other threads... haha but im gunna go snap some right now with my camera phone :rolleyes: ... anyways i finished my l18 swap with a dogleg tranny! i missed driving my goon so i drove circles on my street :D ... i dont think my neighbors liked it to much due to only running nothing but an after market header. i can put around but whenever i put any stress on the motor it runs like shit... i think its the carb... ok ill go snap some pics real quick like.

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haha i kno i kno idk y but im super slow when it comes to pics im sorry. i really need to buy a camera but here


so when i first bought the car it was completely stock very minimal rust and really pretty straight





then i lowered it three inches bought spormaxx xxr 513's 15x7's and decided the painters tape stripes had to go






i patched the marker lights ... and still needs body work but this is how it sits as of now... i wanted to c wat blue lights would look like because everyone does yellow so yea.. what do you think?







as for the motor its suppose to have a nissan comp header






i have a cannon intake waiting for carbs so i can put it on... then i will need a cam and call it good :)






sorry for some of the shitty pics. the camera on the phone is shitty..:mellow:

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i have a cannon intake waiting for carbs so i can put it on... then i will need a cam and call it good :)


will a regrind like this work?



duration degree 270/280

valve lift .470/.480

valve lash .006/.008



how much are cannon intakes worth anyhow?

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thanx! i want to actually paint the stripes on when i repaint the car. as far as the intake idk anything about it. all i know is that it came with the motor from twigzz and he had 40mm mikuni's.


the rims are sportmaxx xxr5132 15x7 with a +15 offset...


and farmer...i want a truck haha but i guess i gotta get my goon running good first

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so i have been trying to get my wagon running for awhile now and im completely stumped on whats wrong with it. :confused: :(


im on my third dizzy and also new spark plugs and wires.


i have checked the gapping on the points of the dizzy and also the gapping on the plugs numerous times to make sure everything is correct.


i have checked the firing order so many times im having dreams about it but still nothing.

im getting spark to the plugs and also plenty of fuel.


the motor starts to run but then dies shortly and sometimes shoots some gas out of the carb.

i think someone in the past took the motor apart and put it back together but in doing so messed up on the timing and in order to make up for the difference put a new notch on the pulley for timing and top dead center.


my question is am i on the right track buy trying to adjust the dizzy for the timing?.. is it a timing problem at all? or am i completely off track?


is there and local guys that can help a fellow ratsun member out?

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i had serious issues with timing when i got my truck (71 521 w/ L16). i just finally broke down and retimed the motor. watched hainz' video and shazam. timed motor. it's not really difficult once you watch him do it.


love the wheels.

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yea... i was planning on moving to so cal "fullerton" by the end of the month so i gotta do work i guess.. the guy i bought the motor from said it ran fine wen he pulled it all i did was put my dizzy in it and carb but i havent been able to get it fired...

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no i havent.i had it running fine at one point but once in gear it ran like crap so i figured the compression was fine but ill find out how to do that and see wat happens.

a friend and i were brainstorming and the fact that the motor was running prior to been pulled and the fact that im using my old carb from my old motor "which also ran good until put i put it in gear" mayb my carb is bad? when i look into the barrel i see fuel coming out of the jet but i perhaps the fuel isnt enough of a vapor or a vapor at all so could that b a problem? i do recall when i pulled off my carb when i cleaned it that there was two small puddles of fuel in the intake...

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I hope you dont let this car go to shit.


I went over to SRSANDS place and in 20mins I had his car running better. For him it was caarb but it could have been binding the throttle plate. When tighten these down OI open the plate and use just enought torq to get the nut on . Not to bed ot bind the plate plus some carb adapter are the thin ones and could crack if a Gorrilla torqs it down.


Now if motor is timed. Cam /dizzy spindal valve lash correct it can only be the carb. Unless you wired soemthing wrong on the dizzy.(ballst resisitor or something.


u use a timming light?


if you go above idle and it starts popping its the timming. dist off or th capicitor is fucked

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when i had the new motor in and running it was only when i put the car in gear did it start popping and bogging down.


i didnt mess with the dizzy or or the car for that matter for about a week or two and went out to start it and nothing...


i popped the dizzy cap and i found out that my old dizzy was arcing at the lobe so i put a new dizzy in it and got it to spark at the points again. wen i replaced the dizzy i set the motor and top dead center to make sure i didnt fuck anything up.


as for the carb today i replaced it with my friends carb that came right off his car "which was running great" and put it on mine. but still nothing..


for the wiring i havent changed anything from when it running. but i will check it out again.



and as far as letting the car go to shit that will never happen because i like it to much :) its just my step dad started to rush me on getting it running and because im moving to la in two weeks and would really like to take it with me..


hainz i wish there was an l motor god like u in my neck of the woods to help a noob ratsuner like myself..

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