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East Coast Craig's List finds- resurrected from old Classifieds

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EDIT 2013- Bringing back the east coast CL thread from old Classifieds.


Note if you are selling something directly to Ratsun members, start a post in the new classifieds. This is more for those craigslist finds you stumble upon and think someone should see.






I though I would start this so I wouldn't have to sigh every time I find what I want and it's 2500miles away....cool.gif If it doesn't fly with the mods, feel free to delete it, no skin off my back!tongue.gif

1971 Datsun 510 Wagon - $3000 (Atlanta)

1978 BLUE DATSUN PICKUP - $1 (Cartersville)


datsun 510 - $500 (lilburn)

'71 DATSUN 510 - $1275 (Reidsville, NC)


1978 Datsun B210 Hatchback - $500 (Richmond)


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Ya know what? I'll toss in some that I see.


521 minitruck - MD




Not sure what people'd think about these, but I personally really like S12's. And if anything they can be scrounged for parts.

200sx SE - VA




71 510 - Philly




77/78 200sx parts - PA

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then there is this. perfect exaple of "east coast tax" 1971 510 4-door no drivetrain, shitty body, no grill rust. all for $1800!



So true Charlie!


Oh and the 520 guy was on Ratsun I believe. Must have a thread around here somewhere. Sweet little truck that one!

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I went to go pick it up but it was gone before I got there.... :mad:


Wonder who got it. There was that new member who said he was going to try.

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Yeah I just moved back to Hawaii from Kentucky a few months ago. I was in the market for a Datsun while in kentucky but couldn't find a nice one, so I just bught a Vw Bug and called it a day.


Enjoy kentucky.

Down some shine and nail your sister in your bug :lol:

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No doubt! You know I ofter wonder how these guys have never found Ratsun! You'd think we'd know this truck, but it is a first to me!

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