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  1. I'm going to use gps speedometer, phone. I've got an l16 engine i want to use the 5 speed behind it. OH600 was used with the 200mm and 240mm, flywheel, N1600 also used with both 200 and 225mm, at least that's what i take away from that measurement guide of collars with part numbers. I just need to find the right kit that uses one of these collars. I'm basing my part numbers on the measurements of the collars. Can a 200mm pressure plate for a 6 bolt flywheel work on a 5 bolt 200mm flywheel? If so, i should be able to match it to a clutch kit for a specific car and use it.
  2. I've got two throwout bearing collars, 30501-0H600 and 30501-N1600, one of which, I'm trying to use with an L16(5bolt, 200mm flywheel). Can anyone recommend a 200mm clutch kit that uses one of these collars? Or a 73 620 200mm clutch kit with the collar included? Going in a 73 620 with an 80 4x4 5speed. Thanks!
  3. athoose


    For the automatic? I'm swapping out my auto trans in my 73 l16 620 soon, so, i could have one for you.
  4. Will you show the car? I'd like to check it out.
  5. athoose

    620 owners roll call

    Rob Greensboro, NC 73 620 Auto I've had it eight years and it runs like a champ and shifts hard. Here is a photo of my truck, framed, and left under my windshield by some anonymous person.
  6. I could also put some taller tires on, they are due. But I did just buy this.
  7. Or get another 620 with a 5 speed. :rofl:
  8. What does the "for long wheelbase models" refer to, in the diagram? It's a 73 service manual? I'm not the original poster but I do have a 73 auto. I am leaning towards keeping mine an auto but it's not very interstate friendly.
  9. Just came across this in the 1973 620 FSM Propeller shaft/ drive shaft dimensions. I wonder if the long wheelbase models are the same size as King Cabs.
  10. Just thought I'd add this here for reference. I have a stock 620 dated 6/73 with a long tail auto transmission.
  11. Awesome, document what you do to her!
  12. Yeah they're pretty sweet. I read the other day they continued making them into 85'. Might have gone on longer if it wasn't 2wd. HMMM ... 4wd 200sx. :rofl:
  13. I'm taking it back until I see a factory S11. :rofl: Nice pics!
  14. athoose

    My new '77 Hatch

    Glad you snapped this up and you're on ratsun. I was fighting the urge to grab this especially when the price dropped. Pull a part in W-S has a few ZX's. You could always take your wheel along a see if they fit. Like those wheels.
  15. That's a lot of S-12 goodness! Inspiring. Where are the S-11's? :mad:
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