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  1. athoose

    620 owners roll call

    Rob Greensboro, NC 73 620 Auto I've had it eight years and it runs like a champ and shifts hard. Here is a photo of my truck, framed, and left under my windshield by some anonymous person.
  2. athoose

    Driveshaft question? Auto to Manual swap

    I could also put some taller tires on, they are due. But I did just buy this.
  3. athoose

    Driveshaft question? Auto to Manual swap

    Or get another 620 with a 5 speed. :rofl:
  4. athoose

    Driveshaft question? Auto to Manual swap

    What does the "for long wheelbase models" refer to, in the diagram? It's a 73 service manual? I'm not the original poster but I do have a 73 auto. I am leaning towards keeping mine an auto but it's not very interstate friendly.
  5. athoose

    Driveshaft question? Auto to Manual swap

    Just came across this in the 1973 620 FSM Propeller shaft/ drive shaft dimensions. I wonder if the long wheelbase models are the same size as King Cabs.
  6. athoose

    Driveshaft question? Auto to Manual swap

    Just thought I'd add this here for reference. I have a stock 620 dated 6/73 with a long tail auto transmission.
  7. athoose

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    Awesome, document what you do to her!
  8. athoose

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    Yeah they're pretty sweet. I read the other day they continued making them into 85'. Might have gone on longer if it wasn't 2wd. HMMM ... 4wd 200sx. :rofl:
  9. athoose

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    I'm taking it back until I see a factory S11. :rofl: Nice pics!
  10. athoose

    My new '77 Hatch

    Glad you snapped this up and you're on ratsun. I was fighting the urge to grab this especially when the price dropped. Pull a part in W-S has a few ZX's. You could always take your wheel along a see if they fit. Like those wheels.
  11. athoose

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    That's a lot of S-12 goodness! Inspiring. Where are the S-11's? :mad:
  12. athoose

    Race Datsun pics

    ^ nice. Any tighter pics?
  13. athoose

    Like my car?

    X2 on tire size. Looks good!
  14. Ha! I just noticed a disclaimer at a pump that stated this gas may contain up to 10% ethanol. I was wtf. Anyway, gas prices brought me to nissans and datsuns.
  15. athoose

    NC! Where are my 620's at?

    They pop up all the time. Watch craigslist. I can't imagine that this seller will hold out for full asking price. http://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/3846857403.html

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