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  1. athoose

    Motor mounts

    I guess the 521 are just a little different.
  2. Tried sv650 mirrors, probably eBay, really light, vibrate and poor visibility. Going to stick with the sportster ones.
  3. athoose

    Motor mounts

    Do you happen to know if they'll bolt up without issue?
  4. athoose

    Motor mounts

    Looking around on rock auto the 75-79 motor mounts look like the ones i have... moreso
  5. athoose

    Motor mounts

    I got some motor mounts awhile back off rock auto but they don't look like the current ones. I did find something that looks correct at AutoZone. Don't really want to but it looks like i could just drill some holes for the rock auto ones. Thoughts? Rock auto... Current ones look like these.
  6. athoose

    UCA mount swap?

    Here's a 521 on d21, Looks fairly involved. Has anyone done a 620 on here? I kinda like fiddling with the L motors, keeping it old school but yeah, KA, fi, etc.. is pretty tempting.
  7. athoose

    My 620 Build

    Good looking ute! That aluminum bed looks really nice.
  8. athoose

    UCA mount swap?

    Are particular years of 720 more desirable for this swap? I'm thinking the 83-86 have different suspension components. Whether or not the frames themselves are different, idk. I'm considering adding Bell tech drop spindles to the mix.
  9. athoose

    UCA mount swap?

    Awesome job! I'm thinking it'll be easiest to swap frames at this point, for me.
  10. athoose

    UCA mount swap?

    So I've been considering swapping my 73 frame out for a 720 but got to wondering, if the frames are so similar can you just cut off the 720 upper control arm mounts and weld them onto the earlier frame? From what I've read these mounts are the main difference between the frames. I am hoping that adding these UCA mounts would allow the use of the ball joint control arms and discs. Found this thread ... Doesn't look promising
  11. Pulled the mirrors off my '08 sportster and mounted them on the truck. I think they make pretty good looking, cheap fender mirrors. Vision is much improved! I suspect lots of motorcycle mirrors will work well.
  12. Mine looks weird, i think it was painted black but maybe previous owner did some touch up with yellow on the hood and got overspray on it. I'll have to look closer and see the order of paint. It has a tape mark about halfway back on the panel above the bumper, all the way across. My color is light, 102 yellow. Rubbed it off the sticker first time i washed it but warranty card and " car owners companion" has it listed. Just noticed it has my key # too! 👍 Federal odometer disclosure
  13. From the factory was the area behind the grill, the radiator support front, body color or black? Thanks!
  14. athoose

    Starting problem

    Got the tumblers out. Could not see the contacts but appeared to be a gap to them. Hosed it with brake clean and that helped but not enough. Looks like I'll have to grab a new cylinder.
  15. athoose

    Headlight aiming

    Bulb retaining ring welds had broke. Used two zip ties around the ring to hold in place while jb weld dried.
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