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  1. athoose

    620 owners roll call

    Rob Greensboro, NC 73 620 Auto I've had it eight years and it runs like a champ and shifts hard. Here is a photo of my truck, framed, and left under my windshield by some anonymous person.
  2. I could also put some taller tires on, they are due. But I did just buy this.
  3. Or get another 620 with a 5 speed. :rofl:
  4. What does the "for long wheelbase models" refer to, in the diagram? It's a 73 service manual? I'm not the original poster but I do have a 73 auto. I am leaning towards keeping mine an auto but it's not very interstate friendly.
  5. Just came across this in the 1973 620 FSM Propeller shaft/ drive shaft dimensions. I wonder if the long wheelbase models are the same size as King Cabs.
  6. Just thought I'd add this here for reference. I have a stock 620 dated 6/73 with a long tail auto transmission.
  7. Awesome, document what you do to her!
  8. Yeah they're pretty sweet. I read the other day they continued making them into 85'. Might have gone on longer if it wasn't 2wd. HMMM ... 4wd 200sx. :rofl:
  9. I'm taking it back until I see a factory S11. :rofl: Nice pics!
  10. athoose

    My new '77 Hatch

    Glad you snapped this up and you're on ratsun. I was fighting the urge to grab this especially when the price dropped. Pull a part in W-S has a few ZX's. You could always take your wheel along a see if they fit. Like those wheels.
  11. That's a lot of S-12 goodness! Inspiring. Where are the S-11's? :mad:
  12. athoose

    Like my car?

    X2 on tire size. Looks good!
  13. Ha! I just noticed a disclaimer at a pump that stated this gas may contain up to 10% ethanol. I was wtf. Anyway, gas prices brought me to nissans and datsuns.
  14. They pop up all the time. Watch craigslist. I can't imagine that this seller will hold out for full asking price. http://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/3846857403.html
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