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East Coast Craig's List finds- resurrected from old Classifieds

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Anyone wanting a 521 in NEw england? This is like the 5th I have heard of in the tristate area, if you count roostmonkey's old parts truck.


I have no idea what shape it is in. Just passing on the info!


It was in the CT. Bargain News. This is everything that was in the ad.


4 cyl, stick, best offer. (203) 877-8343. Milford, CT

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Lil bit of a repost fron the other CL thread guys, but here are a couple misspelled "Datson" ads on the right coast.


Kick ass 620 in Maine, you just DON't see them up there!






620 in NC





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Go man go!! Not a bad place holder till you dig up a nl320! And only freaking $700, hell shipping will only bring it up to what, $1700? Crazy good stuff.


The way he worded his post makes me think he still has the drivetrain. But that it is just not in.



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Duuuuudes a 1200 ute or are my eyes decieving me. This is rare on either coast! And for only $700!!!!!!! Are those baby supra rims?








Here we have a lot of spare parts and in junk yards. You can go to a shop and buy brand new fenders, grill, hoods, etc.....not that much mechanical parts. If you ever need something, just say it.

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Here we have a lot of spare parts and in junk yards. You can go to a shop and buy brand new fenders, grill, hoods, etc.....not that much mechanical parts. If you ever need something, just say it.


Whoever gets this should take you up on the offer! Shipping would be a lot cheaper than from Australia I imagine.


Looking at these photos, that looks like a ton of bondo on the bed side. And they aren't picturing the other side.:mellow:

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Ya that's much cheaper shipping, aus KILLS you. I shipped a guy a set of calipers for like $150 shipping, amazing.


I asked for more pics specifically because of that whole side being bondo. Pretty salty down there too.

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For 1600s I think its fair. There was an ad on craigs a few months back for 4 in DE for $1500, 2 ran 2 for parts. Idk if you caught that one, I wanted it bad. You want a 59? They are crazy cool, They have a jump seat in the back and the shorter windshield unless I'm mistaken. I saw a cherry one sell on ebay about 7 months ago for like 22k.

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heh, naw man I want the sedan so I can make an all japanese nostalgia rod, fenderless! These things had straight front axles. (Though I sure wouldn't kick one of those early roadsters out of my driveway!)


Like this lil bad boy that I missed for $200 on ebay with no reserve!! I will kick myself forever for that one. At the time I didn't realize how bad I wanted it. AND IT WAS ON LONG ISLAND!!!! I wouldn't have even had to ship it. The one that got away, I am such a dummy.


That sounded like a great deal on those 4 roadsters!!!



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Ohhhh wrong model I was thinking lol. Ya that makes more sense I know you been itching for fenderless.


Ya it was a good deal but he was one of those I won't split them up people. Whats someone going to do hire a tractor trailer and a lot to take all them? lol

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