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L motor blower?

Guest DatsuNoob

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Guest DatsuNoob

I was searching the keyword Datsun on CL and came across a T23 bucket rat rod powered by an old L motor with a blower on it! I asked where one would find such a thing, but he couldn't say. I thought it was just about the coolest L motor accessory I'd ever seen. Does anyone here know where to get 'em?

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Sorry if this topic was old, looks like this one was made just last week. Didn't want to reply in the old one seeing as it was a couple months old. I actually did some light research on this subject. The last post in the old topic says, you could use the supercharger from a Mercedes C230, but you can also use the one from the SLK230. Usually there are quite a few on ebay, but there's only a couple right now. What I like about these, is the flange where they mount to an intake is really simple, small and only 4 bolts, easy to make. They do have a clutch similar to an A/C compressor, so you have the ability to turn them off. I thought running one on an RPM activated switch (would come on over 3500 rpms or something) would be rad, because then you could be easy on it for around town daily driving, but when you needed it, the power would be available. On the Benz their max boost is 7 psi. I dont know if the pulleys can change on the S/C itself to change boost though, might be able to do something with the crank pulley?


The only drawback I can see is because of it's small size, and no snout, it may be difficult to place on the intake, and have a belt make it to the pulley. It would take some serious thinking and fabrication to make it work. That's why I gave up on the idea. Maybe it would be possible to mount the clutch pulley setup on another M series blower? If you wanted that kinda thing.

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Guest DatsuNoob

I'm sure you could find an underdrive pulley as a Mercedes perf. upgrade part, and just bolt it on. Last time I checked though, those things run on serpentine belts, which would mean trying to convert an L motor to use one

by changing all pulleys, or the underdrive pulley wouldn't work. Might have to do a little junkyard hunting to find a tiny v notch belt that would work, or have one machined to the proper size (45-55mm?) Good idea though man, gets the wheels turning doesn't it? :)

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