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1978 510 hatchback-customizing-newbie

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We are in the beginning stages (in other words its in a million pieces!) of customizing a 78 2 door hatchback. I can't yet post attachments, so no pics yet. I just shot the jams yesterday, and the color is unbelievable! It is solid black underlay, Silver prizm pearl overlay and clear over that. The body will be pretty customized (completely shaved) and the interior slightly modified, but running gear stock (for now:D) Has anyone seen any pics of any completed or project 510's from 78-81? They seem to be a really rare breed! Thanks, and great forum. BW

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The late model 510's aren't as popular as the early models. There are around though. A few guys on this forum have them, they post from time to time. Maybe you will catch one of them.

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I kind of like the 'newer' 510, so post pix!! There's an orange one I see very rarely around town, driven by a little old lady. I'm always working so can't chase her down and ask if she'll leave it to me in her will. It's a two door and most likely an automatic, but it sure looks nice.

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actually if you goto imageshack.us u can do that also and its a bit quicker.. i have to do some tinkering to get pics to show tho.. but eh.. it works


I use google photo more, it also requires way more tinkering than photobucket. Small price to pay for reliability though :D


2eDeYe;12490'']no tinkering needed with photobucket...;)


I agree, I use it when its working. It seems like some days its kinda pissed.


just buy your own website. No tinkering. :D


I did :D The tinkering is the same though :( Or more :D I tried to give the dude posting rights... Maybe he hasn't been back.

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As you can see, pics are working (or they did if you see them!) Thanks Icehouse) The pictures of the jams REALLY do NO justice to the color, it really POPS and everyone really likes it. It will be an on again off again project, but aren't they all! I am a HS auto shop teacher, so I will let the kids do some of it when school resumes (along with my '64 suburban we are rebuilding!) If any of you 78-81 owners have pics of your rides, or others please send them via e-mail, I am open to all ideas since this will be a non-stock ride. Brad





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