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Looking for some good replacement seats for my 1970 datsun 510 wagon

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Are you looking for a high back seat with a built in headrest, or a seat with a moveable headrest?  The Z car high backs fit well, but are hard to find drivers side in good clean condition.  If with a moveable headrest, I often use Honda Civic, Prelude or Acura Integra.............but same situation............hard to find good clean drivers side.  I looked at my 2000 Subbie Impreza seats to fit, but never tried it.

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Old grainy photo… but early WRX seats in my 510. Fit quite nicely. Mounting may require some custom work… mine are bolted to the front seat mount and then to the floor with some makeshift spacers from the previous owner- so don’t expect them to be bolt in…




I’ve got Sparco R100s in the Z and been quite happy with them for the price- a little firm but pretty comfortable. Since they fit in the Z they would definitely fit in a 510. A more universal mount so with a planted or other brands adapter for the 510 should be good to go. Photo of them in the Z - tried one of the wrx seats in the Z and it was too big.




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