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Battery over charge, 1970 510


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Issue: battery voltage way to high 16v+

car: ‘70 510, l16.


what I’ve tried: new alternator, two brand new voltage regulators, cleaned grounds, cleaned fuse box, new fuses.


the alternator is for an ac model, from what I’ve read that should be ok. Both voltage regulators start to smoke and the relay clicks non stop. 

My old man fixed this once before but he passed away a long time ago and I don’t know what he did to remedy the issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Autozone kept asking if my car had air conditioning, I guess they have 2 different alternators that produced different amps (lower/higher). The one I have is duralast #14118. All the bolts/plugs lined right up. Im not sure if it’s for the model your asking. I had them put it the correct info when looking up parts

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 I don't think there was an air conditioning option on the PL510 and there were 3 alternators, 33, 35 and 50 amp. The 50 amp being only on '72 and '73 cars.


Did you give the year? as there is a later Datsun also 'called' a 510 (in name only) but made in '78 through '81. This is the A10 or HL510 to show it has the L20B engine. Have them check what year the Duralast #14118  is for.


BTY the A10 does have air conditioning option, and there are two alternators 50 and optional 60 amp.

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14105 is like the standard number 35amper alt. for a 70-71 510


Buy a Japan made volt reg.


this is a simple 20 min  fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14118 is a good number shows a 60amper in Rockauto.



have them ck the alternator before you leave. However if you have a over charge the alternator shows its working. Its the Regulator that is not. The alternator will give a overvolt non regulated reading. then the reg cut the voltage down to say 14 volts DC.

I have noticed that the Neihoff brand made in USA voltreg are not great and happens with in a year or purchase

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It happened to me.My alternator over charged my battery,relays by the glove box were clicking,battery was less than a year old.The alternator kilt the battery,they gave me a new free battery and alternator finally went down to 12 volts and Auto parts store gave me another alternator.So get another battery.

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I forgot that if you put an internally regulated alternator on a Datsun with an external regulator the engine will not shut off with the key.


11 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

14105 is like the standard number 35amper alt. for a 70-71 510




It would appear the correct alternator is on it.


Battery ground for the body is on one of the mounting bolts for the external regulator. Factory battery ground cables have a separate ground for the body molded into the battery post connection. If replaced some time in the last 50 years, that ground for the body may be missing on the generic replacement.  

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I would have though it was the volt reg if there was a over charge


buy this and plug in cig lighter socket  works great and dont frain the battery on daily driver. trust it and it works see when battery loads down ect....


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