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1984 Z24 Oil Leak/Weber Questions


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My 1984 Z24 has had an oil leak for many years now. Driving almost daily I have to add oil about every 2 weeks and it's not too terribly much. The oil seems to come from the bottom, more passenger side of engine.


Also when I install my Weber Carb, what other parts would I be able to change at the same time? I want to do as much as I can, without having to rebuild an engine or take apart too much of the engine. 

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Stick a big sheet of cardboard under the front and check in the morning. Does oil drip? Does that help narrow down where or what side has the leak?



Senders can leak for sure. I think they are around $8.


Oil runs down hill so there is a tendency to see where it ends up and not always where it came from. Valve cover gaskets are good places to start. The intake manifold can hide it from view. Lightly tighten the valve cover bolts, don't over tighten them just wrist tight if they will. Power wash that side of the block under the intake and check it in a day or so looking for fresh signs of wetness.


Does the engine smoke at all? when starting up or when slowing down?

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I just replaced the sender in my full size Jeep with a brand new Standard Motor Products unit. It literally lasted 5 minutes then something inside stuck, and the resistance went to zero. Cheap parts these days for sure, but it was the most expensive one out of the bunch.


If you can still get an OEM Nissan sender, I'd go for that.

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I get mine from Orielly's,they are the ones for the gauges,comes with a lifetime warranty.I had my 720 for 28 years and never had it leak.I did break the fittings on it when I changed the oil filter,it is so close to it,but never had a leak.Their are 2 types,one with gauge which is 37.99 and other with light which is 6.99. I use the one with the gauge.My fittings went bad so I made my own.They don't sell them.If your valve cover gasket is leaking.Take it off and inspect and see if you need a new one.If you need a new one.Clean both surfaces real good.Get  a Felpro gasket,also get some black valve cover sealant and put in screw holes and around half moon pieces on end.Tighten screws criss cross to 2.2 lbs.Also check to see if your power steering hoses are leaking.And your oil pan gasket.You can turn  your wheels out and crawl in between the front tire and check things out.Mine doesn't have the lower engine cover,Does your's.You won't find a drop of oil on mine.Do your Weber like this.


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