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  1. goldengarat


    Thank you very much! I will keep that in mind.
  2. goldengarat


    Almost a year ago I switched from Reg Oil to Synthetic, currently using 5W30. Would Synthetic be ok? What type of Synthetic should I use?
  3. Does a Weber carb work better than a stock carb for a 720? I did mess with my idle while messing with my hoses and fuel filter, made the idle higher. Would a metal PCV valve be better than a plastic one?
  4. Good to know, thank you!
  5. Thank you for the info fellas. Just changed the fuel filter and left the metal fuel filter off. So just running the plastic one now. Turns out that I had some air leaking, maybe from the carb. Connected those hoses again and now she is running pretty normal. Got my damn truck going again! I had help, my hoses all around on my truck need to be replaced from what I was told. They are deteriorating.
  6. Are the carb jets easy to clean or change out? I don't know enough to do either. I wanna change my carb to a Weber, is this something I can do myself? I don't know anything bout a carb and how to mess with one or change it out. I think a new carb should help my 720, not too sure though..... Also what is that red filter on top of the engine? I don't have one of those.
  7. If there is rust in the fuel tank, then would it be better to have 2 fuel filters instead of 1?
  8. I'm having the same problem. I ran my 720 outta gas, was told it was the fuel filter to change and should be good. I have a stock carb though. I'm gonna change my fuel filter(s) today and see if that works. I need higher rpm's constant or it will die when tries to idle. Starts up fine and normal, it all sounds good until you hit the gas and then she will die (unless constant and higher rpm's) even when the engine is warmed up.
  9. Thank you very much for the help! I do have the plastic filter you showed above. The metal filter, is that one on RockAuto? I do have a metal filter that looks sorta like that one. It's more flat on one side with the nozzle and round on the other side nozzle. Great rust is not something I wanna hear regarding a fuel tank...... Separate question, is the distributor cap easy to change?
  10. goldengarat

    Fuel Filter

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ra5272UYrfxHCg8x8 Can anyone tell me what are the parts I've circled in this pic are please? The one not circled is the fuel pump, the one circled on the left I was told is the fuel filter. I'm losing my mind trying to get parts right. I bought 2 fuel filters and still not sure if I got the right one(s). Goddamn eBay and RockAuto! Why the fuck does RockAuto have like 3 different fuel filters? Can't I just find a site that isn't gonna fuck with me? I don't know that much bout parts or vehicles much, so would be great to not fuck up ordering parts. If I can'
  11. Here is a link to what I think is my fuel pump and maybe fuel filter? Pic is from underneath where I put in gas from gas station. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7Ro6q92A91GAMgKe6
  12. Thank you for the help fellas! When I am able, should be next couple days, I'll get to do the things y'all told me to do. Also I read that the Rear Crankshaft seal has been known to leak on the Z24, could that be the oil leak possibly?
  13. First off I don't know much about my 84 720 2wd 2.4L Manual Trans, or engines much. It has been running like crap lately, meaning when I start it, wants to die. When I push on the gas and let go it will die and unless I put constant pressure or push down acceleration. Also my engine temp gauge and fuel gauge sometimes don't work and usually work when they want. Also I leak oil and have to fill oil every week if I drive it all week. The oil seems to be coming out the passenger side of the middle bottom of the engine. Far as I know I have all factory parts on it, got it from my dad he didn't say
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