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ID'ing an intake-Pretty sure this is for an A14/A15.


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Going through a lot of my old datto parts and inventorying before the sale. Came across this and it's not L-series stuff so I don't know for sure what it is; I suspect this is an A14 intake to suit 45DCOE's.


Anyone here able to confirm that? The head in these photos is a 210 head for an L16, as you can see...it's NOT an L-series intake! Tiny little intake ports.









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Pretty sure I have one of those intakes. The problem is you need to relocate the brake master to make it work as the intake interferes with the BMC.

I have pics somewhere or maybe in the Kelmo's coupe thread. I'm just a bit too lazy to go look.


I do have one of those oval port heads....on one of them 1200's.


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For years and years, there was a full tube chassis GT5 1200 sitting on a trailer around the corner from my first house in Pleasant Hill. No skin, but complete drivetrain including motor, with dual 44s on that manifold. Many times I tried to buy that car, but the owner never relented. Finally, a decade later, I find out that he sold it for pennies. That always kills me.


Those intakes were rare, in the sense that not many people put duals on an A series, unless they were racing, and there weren't many GT spec A racers out there. Most of them were racing BMC stuff instead.

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