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When did 620's start getting valuble?


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Alright, what did I miss?

I've started toying with the idea of getting another 620 and have been watching for a really nice fairly original truck.

This one popped up on Bring A Trailer and ended up selling for nearly $4000 as a non-running project truck. Granted, it is pretty nice.


Did I miss something? Did Jay Leno have a 620 on his show or something?

PS: Don't get me wrong, I'm always stoked to see them appreciated and valued more, I'm just surprised at how much the values seem to have gone up.

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Because of inflation, $2500 in 2002 is worth $4,062 today. Assuming the truck remained basically the same and unchanged. This ignores it's increasing rarity and what I call the 'monkey see, monkey do' effect where people perceive them to be collectible so everyone wants one to be 'cool'.

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I bought one last month for $2500.  1977 King Cab as well.  A bit rougher than the BaT one in some ways, but perhaps nicer in others.  Has factory tach and AC, and already converted to a 5 speed.

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I wish I still had my wagoneers. 63 and a 66, stupid young me haha.

I still have the 63 grill though. 

Not mine, but it was the same but rusty 🙂

Vintage Monday: The Ever-Popular Jeep Wagoneer In Its Many Forms - Off Road  Xtreme


And the Vigilante V8 valve covers from the 66. B)

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