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Imgur changed there format and is something to figure out.I tried a few hours ago to send pics from my computers pic library and a box appeared saying to big,then went to Imgur and they changed there format and is hard to figure out.Was not sending to this forum here.Was just reading this and decided to add what is going on with Imgur.Plus using my phone on Imgur doesn't down load my pics like it use to..I may be missing something.I am only 62.Not old yet.

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Home computer? Well what I did years ago was go online and find a picture hosting site (BUT NOT PHOTOBUCKET) I use imgur but there are other. Start a free account without any extras. Basically you download pictures from your computer to the picture hosting site and when needed you go there, copy it and bring it here and post it. I got this to work pretty much the first time so you should get it no problem. Helps if you mess around with it and try different things. Keep trying.



521 transmission...



So as far as home compute,r imgur's still working as before. Results may vary with a different one. Did I mention  NOT to use photobucket.?

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Using Imgur on a laptop.

Create a profile.

Click on images in the drop down menu in your profile.

click on browse, it should go into your pictures, you can select a photo ( if you want to select more than one, hold the control button on the keyboard), click open and they will download into Imgur. I just did this literally 5 minutes ago.


I am an old fart analog guy in a digital world.

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