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L20B car and truck version differences


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Why do you ask? Do you have an L20B and you're trying to figure out what it came from?


I believe the difference had more to do with the year and the area of the world that the vehicle was sold. Cylinder heads are different, and probably compression ratio, and possibly cams too, depending on the two variables I just mentioned.

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Oil pans were specific to every vehicle the L20B was used in. While there were 3? different heads used, U67, W58 and I think the A87 '74 610. (the first year the L20B was ever used) The same head was on cars or trucks for that year. Biggest difference was trucks had a 225mm flywheel and clutch and cars were all 200mm. Trucks and the S10 and A10 were throttle cable while the 610/710 were linkage similar to the 510. Other than that, all truck/cars used the same parts.

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