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  1. I have a second 1978 620 and it has the dealer add-on A/C that mounts under the dash, similar to the early factory set-up. The compressor was mounted on the LH side and was not a York type. There are no vents in the center of the dash, just the two side vents and the vents below the dash. Is it possible that dealer A/C continued past 1975?
  2. The A/C system is clearly a factory install with the electric fuel pump and a York type A/C compressor mounted on the RH side of the engine. Yet the truck is a '78!
  3. The distributor is the 1978 style with the remote ignitor, so was it possibly swapped out? The last six digits of the VIN are 365427, so would it make this truck a 1979?
  4. I checked the data plate in the driver's side door jamb and the build date is stated as June 1978 (although it has "9/78") stamped above it; would that mean that the truck is a '79?
  5. I recently bought a 1978 620 at a local junkyard. It had been sitting since 1988 and hadn't been fired up since then. Some parts were missing, like the radiator, fan, fan clutch and water pump. The paint is all original with some surface rust and it does have some small rot holes, one in the hood, another in the cab roof and a third in the tailgate. This truck has the automatic transmission and not to mention factory A/C! I have no idea how many 620s had the AT with factory A/C. The center console is missing as well, but the A/C controls are still there. Does the 620 have a center console jus
  6. That's probably what it is.
  7. I'll get it running, and it runs and drives with no problems, but the morning after it sits all night it doesn't start. I looked at the carbon contact in the center of the distributor and it was a little pitted, so I sanded it down a little as well as the contact point on the rotor. I also cleaned the plug going to the transistor unit inside the cab.
  8. I have a 1978 620 and it has this weird crank-no start problem at times. I know its getting fuel because I can smell it at the carburetor. The coil, cap, rotor, wires and plugs seem to be OK because it'll start up and run. If it doesn't start, I've realized that if I remove the cap and rotor and spray electrical cleaner around the ignition pickup inside the distributor and put everything back together, it starts up and runs just fine, although I've also noticed that it possibly has a bit of a misfire. Could the ignition pickup be going bad? I'm stumped.
  9. I'll figure something out, but on the bright side, I could switch over to the "ute" style lenses later on
  10. You're right, they are Thai aftermarket. What can I do to better seal those holes?
  11. I bought a pair of front turn signals for my '78 620. The problem is, the original turn signals have only one bulb, while the new ones have two bulbs, like the JDM versions. There is also no connector, but there are three wires- one white, one yellow, and one black. My question is, how do I wire the lights up?
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