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Parking brake light stays on


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Hey, I put my parking brake on while parked for 5 hours.  It hadn’t been used for about a year and I wanted to use it so it wouldn’t freeze up.  When I went to disengage the parking brake, it seemed to disengage the actual brake however the instrument cluster “brake” light stayed on.  I have driven the car with the light on and I don’t believe that the brake is actually engaged as the light indicates.  My question is how can I get the parking brake light to go off in the instrument cluster?  Is it possible that the brake cable is partially engaged or stuck a bit?  I think this has happened before and will go off in time. Any advice is much appreciated. 

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ALWAYS use your parking brake when you stop to get out and you'll never have a problem. ALWAYS You'll notice that over time the pull lever comes out farther and farther... this is a very good indication that the rear brakes need adjusting.


Try applying the hand brake a dozen times, it's probably stuck. Drive and feel the rims.... they hot???


The switch will be on or part of the pull lever.

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Alright so I found the issue.  I accidentally left my lights on yesterday for about 4 hours.  It lowered the battery.  The “CHG” light started dimly glowing and increases in brightness while hitting the gas, along with the “brake” light being on at a steady intensity. I charged the battery a bit and it improved with the “brake” light going off and the chg light glowing dimly.  I guess I just need to trickle charge it overnight.  Seems to be fixed now and part of what happens during a low battery level.  And I vaguely remember this occurring in the past.   All good now. 

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On 10/27/2022 at 11:48 PM, charolastra said:

Hey jboulukos how are you?

I don't know if you remember me, I'm from Chicago, just moved to Evergreen Park too.

Also own a B210 4 doors what's new my friend?

I don't remember man. Did we cross paths?  Thanks for reaching out!

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On 11/1/2022 at 2:35 PM, charolastra said:

We posted here

I think we are neighbors, I live by 101 and Francisco, also my wife said she saw your car by 99th and Francisco


3 hours ago, jboulukos said:

oh nice.  yeah, 98th and Washtenaw. We should meet up.





Caravan of B210s bitches!! 






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