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  1. jboulukos

    Installing an accelerator cable

    From my understanding, the throttle cables can stretch overtime. Mine has a lot of slack in it. How can I snug it up? I've seen some videos of guys drilling holes in the end cylinder, snipping off some cable to shorten and then soldering the cable back to the end. Any thoughts on how to snug it up or is this my only option?
  2. jboulukos

    I call her Serendipity

    Yep thats mine. Looks like you're on your way. Fun to find the grille badge. Enjoy the process. One cosmetic thing I did that blew me away was when I took a magic eraser to the vinyl headliner and sun visors...the white vinyl came out looking totally new. There's a world of knowledge here so ask all the questions and the Datsun universe will answer them and then some. Last year I changed the head gasket, intake gasket, new thermostat, new plugs/wires/rotor, completely rebuilt the carb, new rear drum brakes, new front calipers/rotors/pads, bled the brake fluid, new carb spacer, EGR block off plate. I too blew the original fusible link and made one. I had an ignition issue in which required some wiring and trial and error. Keep updating us on your progress and congrats.
  3. jboulukos

    I call her Serendipity

    Awesome car.
  4. jboulukos

    B210 coupe takes on skate park!

  5. jboulukos

    Unknown wire detached

    Thank you for being the only one to respond to this after 3 months! I appreciate it. Fantastic. I haven't soldered it back on yet though. It broke very close the the insertion point. Now it's 18 degrees in Chicago so I need to wait till April.
  6. jboulukos

    Installing an accelerator cable

    I understand the installation of the accelerator cable on the carburetor side however I am unfamiliar with the installation of the accelerator cable at the firewall. A few questions: 1. Does it attach from under the hood at the firewall? I understand it unscrews however the inner cable seems to continue into the firewall. 2. I have looked at replacement cables. Are the lengths of the cables different for automatic vs manual cars? Thanks in advance for any input!
  7. jboulukos

    Got my B210 GX

    How is the car running? What prompted the PCV value change?
  8. jboulukos

    1975 Datsun b210- Farm picked

    Great posts. Carpet: stockinteriors.com has a blue identical to my original carpet (1978), might be the same as yours. It's color code 812 (in plush pile style). You can have them send you little square samples of the actual carpet to make sure it matches. The 812 color on the website color photo doesn't do it justice. I got an 812 sample and it is exactly the same color as my original carpet color under the seats (non sun-faded areas). Turn Signals for the non-US bumper: I have a set of new aftermarket lights that I have yet to use. Message me if you are interested and I can ship them out to you for a few bucks less than I got them on eBay. Good vibes on your ride.
  9. jboulukos

    B210 at Local Junkyard

    glass, black bumper corners, radio, antenna, grille and marker lights, tail lights
  10. jboulukos

    Unknown wire detached

    More pictures added. I'm going to try to solder this wire back on unless someone else has another suggestion. I don't even know what this wire is for.
  11. jboulukos

    Anti-Dieseling Solenoid Wire

    Alright, I refurbished 2 solenoids. One had 14 gauge wire and one 16 gauge. I added bullet connectors (found at AutoZone, approx 14 count). I used heat shrink tubing over the wire and electrical tape over the wire as it enters the solenoid. Solenoid 2 was lengthened by soldering in additional 16 gauge wire. Below are the before and after pictures. before, solenoid 1 after, solenoid 1 before, solenoid 2 after, solenoid 2 (female end of connector in photo)
  12. jboulukos

    Unknown wire detached

    After removing the anti-dieseling solenoid from the carb to repair the wire, I noticed this other wire (pictured) has become detached from it's entry point. What does this connection do? I looked in the service manual and it says that the cylinder thing on the right with the black cap is the Throttle Opener Control Valve, but uncertain about this wire. Is it possible to attempt to solder it together?
  13. jboulukos

    Anti-Dieseling Solenoid Wire

    Anti Dieseling Solenoid pics below. I got a small spade connector from NAPA. Bullet connectors were sold in packs of 50. The solenoid wire is becoming frayed at the base where it enters the solenoid. What can I do to strengthen it? My first thought is to solder that area so it is stronger. Any thoughts? Is there a way to replace the entire wire? Solenoid Solenoid wire fraying at base of solenoid
  14. jboulukos

    Anti-Dieseling Solenoid Wire

    Here are some pics of the electrical wires leading to the carb and near the carb. Leading to solenoid Also noticed this wire has become detached from it's entry point. What does this connection do? I looked in the service manual and it says that the cylinder thing on the right with the black cap is the Throttle Opener Control Valve. (white wire cut by me to detach solenoid and make connector link)

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