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  1. Thanks for your answer, yes Im looking to buy a Toyota 18RG engine (rare engine) The engine its now sitting on El Paso Tx and Im from Chicago. Im gonna try to call that company, thanks
  2. Man, sorry to heard that. It was a fucking nice car
  3. I have a question, what is the best way to ship an engine? Wich company is the best? Anybody have experience buying engines and get shipped to your house or bussines?
  4. Can I use my 510 rca's with the 280zx struts?
  5. charolastra

    b310 Exhaust

    Yeah same here, haven't heardmine Your monza looks f*cking awesome! Im not sure if I'm gonna installing straight pipes, I want to heard the sound first. Maybe I post a video later
  6. charolastra

    b310 Exhaust

    Yeah I know Ansa it's better, and more expensive too. I like both
  7. charolastra

    b310 Exhaust

    Any reviews on the monza pacesetter dual pipes? I found two cheap This is the same that I found https://www.carid.com/pacesetter/monza-304-ss-round-resonated-angle-cut-dual-outlet-tip-mpn-95-9919.html?view=826365&gclid=CjwKEAjwr_rIBRDJzq-Z-LC_2HgSJADoL57HWKFLTzD6GAXwXL4cyQgnOD0a5a7SpszVjkeFAsar4BoCta7w_wcB
  8. charolastra

    B210 Rollcall

    I never found a 185/60/r13 in the u.s.a.
  9. Man, thank you very much Peter!! I found another pic on a toyota forum. http://forums.club4ag.com/zerothread?id=76997 Awesome, thanks again.
  10. I have a hks intake manifold, has a 9130 numbers. It came with my twin mikunis and I just want to know what engines will fit. I'll post this video and I hope you guys can help me id. Already sent an e-mail to Hks but they don't have idea about this manifold. (Hard to believe) This is the video
  11. Im also looking for a twin side draft manifold. Can you send me price without carbs Jim?
  12. charolastra

    Weber 40 DCOM

    Hello I have a question, can I run a weber dcom on any datsun engine? And what's the difference on dcoe and dcom carbs? Some people says it's the new version of dcoe, some guys told me dcom carbs are for alfas, and another european cars and i can't run them on a datsun engine. Im fucking confused right now Thanks for the help
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