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1978 620 Deluxe "Side Accents"


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Hello everyone, first time posting but I've been lurking for about a year. I own a 1978 620 Deluxe and I'm curious if anyone has information on what I'm calling the "side accents" for 620's, as I have on my truck. I'm planning on a frame off restoration that won't exactly be back to stock, but close to it. I've decided to include the side accent stripes which I'm going to have a local vinyl graphic sign company copy and reverse engineer. My question is, what do you all know about these accent stripes? I'm a history nerd so I guess that explains why I'm so curious as to their details. Anyway, thank you in advance for your responses, Happy Holidays.



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Do you know the paint color code for your truck. Probably a sticker on the radiator support near the hood prop???


Closest matching colors are Dk Brown/ Lt Brown 99990-00338 lists... 01 hood, 02 left hand and 03 right hand. It's suitable for paint codes ....







Surely you must know Flatcat https://ratsun.net/profile/5669-flatcat19/ (Kieth) in Pasco or Soundline https://ratsun.net/profile/46324-soundline/.

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I too am curious about the graphics on my truck. However, mine are definitely painted on. It appears to be very well done and, although funky, doesn’t seem funky enough for a one-off custom job. Around the time I saw my truck on ebay, I believe a saw another one with the same paint scheme. So, these two things lead me to think this was a factory option or maybe one dealer in California was doing them. Who knows!


I'm just looking forward to someday buffing it all out and shining it up - its all still remarkably intact.

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i have a set of the decals that i need to get scanned to have someone cut them.


enough to make a full set for all 3 versions, only missing 2 of one side, i think one of the king cab extras and a long bed set. can't remember

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