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For CV axle conversion, who makes the best kit?


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I know there are a few companies out there making cv axle conversion kits for the 510 and I'm wondering if their is a hierarchy of who is making the best kit.  I was reading that one person had an issue with the Ermish kit but it's hard to tell if that's a design issue or something else.  I know the datsunrestomods kit is popular but I don't know how it compares to futofab or zcargarage.

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.The biggest issues I have heard from users is constant loosening of the adapter fasteners.  Now Futofab and Ermish have made a second generation  without at least one set of the adapters in the construction.  I have looked at the Z car garage kit but not studied it in detail.


Datsun restomods took two different approaches to the axles depending on R160 or R180.  I bought a set of the R180 CV axles which directly incorporated the stub shafts to go into a Subaru R180, bolting to the flange at wheel side in the stock manner.  I will be trying this combo in my 69.


I also got a set of the Subaru-sized stub shafts only (diff side) for an R160 that will bolt directly to either the stock half shafts or their own CV shafts that directly replace the stock halfshafts.  I will be putting these in a Suby R160 with stock halfshafts in my 73 to try first.


There is also Driveshaft shop.  All kits have some similarities and also some slight design differences. 

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I've had 2 styles.  The aluminum adapter with the VW CV's which were pure junk.  The adapters came loose in about a month or two.  I always had to keep my eye on them and they had ton's of backlash which made your car make bad noises when turning.  I also have a set of Restomod shafts.  They were okay except they bottomed out on the body on my low car and the boots ripped open on both sides.  They are sitting on my shop floor in need of 3 of the 4 boots......   

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