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Tips on locating replacement A10 HL510 steering gear box


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My baby's been in the driveway for years because I hit a dead end once I found out my steering gear box was totally shot after replacing everything else and tightening. 


Any tips for locating one? I'd post in the classifieds but it seems to be locked as a new user? More curious if anyone has gone through the journey and where the heck you found one! 

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Too much steering wheel play?? Did you make an adjustment on the box?



From another A10 is best. Wrecking yard. Here?,,, https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/Be sure to include year and car.


You are approved so try again. If still not working let me know.


The bearings are probably still available or in a 521, 620, 610, 710, 810 and S10 200sx

The worm gear assy was also used in the 610, 710 and S10 200sx


So a 610, 710 and S10 box should have all the major parts that wear and should fit your box.

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Datzenmike I don't know if parts numbers I put in thread were exactly for my car, I have a 78 510 wagon, do you know if the 710 would match up or would it just be to rebuild old box? 


I did try adjusting box and maxed out how tight I could go and still have 4-6 inches of play. It's soooo shot for sure. 

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You sure it's in the box and not the idler arm???? or combined wear in all the steering ball joints??? Watch the pitman arm and have someone turn through the slack portion on the steering wheel. If pitman arm isn't moving then play is internal. Loosen the lock nut and turn screw clockwise to tighten up the clearance. This was done? 


I don't think bearings would do this. Most likely the worm and sector shaft gear are worn. The worm and sector shafts from the 610, 710 and the first gen S10 200sx will work, they are the same part numbers.

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I had a 620 box apart and like Mainer? when I screwed the worm in it pushed the plug out the front and all the oil went out on the lawn. I was never so glad to get that thing together.


The 610/710/A10 boxes all look the same and because the sectors are the same your pitman would fit them. The worm gears are the same and that's the part the steering column bolts to, so in theory, it should fit the A10 even though they have different assembly part numbers.


That said there are 3 holes on the steering box casting that have to align with the mounting bolt holes on the frame of the car. Those may be just different enough.

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Just by chance did you inspect the rubber donut that's in-between the steering shaft and the steering box for rot? There is a failsafe pin to keep the car steering in case of failure but you will have huge slop whether the steering wheel is straight or at full lock.


If you maxed out the wear adjustment with the wheels straight, it should be pretty hard to turn to full lock. The wear is typically in the straight ahead area of the worm and sector.

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