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  1. docbainey

    Datsun 510? race engine

    Jason, does your car specifically have to weigh 2100# or any car/engine type/chassis combo In that class have to weigh 2100#? is your weight established by engine displacement and engine type, ie pushrod, sohc non crossflow, crossflow, dohc etc?
  2. docbainey

    Datsun 510? race engine

    The only car in the vid that I recognized was the Pinto. The rest look like there from the cartoon 'Wacky Races'. Something fundamentally wrong turning the steering wheel to the right to go left. Just my 2 cents.
  3. docbainey

    Datsun 510? race engine

    Jason, FWIW, there was a guy that posted on here a lot that circle tracked a 510 wagon (solid axel). Holley 350 and all that good stuff. Maybe search for his thread.
  4. docbainey

    Datsun 510? race engine

    This guy has a 79 510, solid axel car, (first post) its gunna be kinda hard to slot the crossmember! But it is common to add camber on a solid axle circle track car depending on what kind of axel your running (floater). For the class he's racing in (Holley 350) a first rate carb will set you back $900 bills! Circle track guys are in a different world then the typical road racer.
  5. docbainey

    My Swiss 1972 S30 240Z rebuild project

    Wow, this is crazy! Just scanned thru your thread. You've been at this for what, seven years or so? Very cool, keep it up!!!!
  6. docbainey


    38's aren't going to cut it for what you want. Look at U20 engine specs that uses 46 SU's, 9.5 compression, 1.75 intake ports, 1.75 in valves, 1.38 ex valves, plus a large bore to allow it to breath. That last part, a large bore, The U20 had a 87+mm bore stock.
  7. docbainey


    For $5k u probably could do a KA swap and get a very reliable runner stock. If L is your route, gotta use 46mm SU's and poor all the money into the head, porting, welding the combustion chambers, larger valves, cam, valve train, etc., need a good honest 10.0 to 1 compression but the KA would probably still be faster.
  8. docbainey

    610 street demon resurection

    That master cyl, isn't going to fit unless you ditch your booster or drill holes in the strut tower for the bleeders, just another thing to deal with! Keep at it!
  9. docbainey

    My Home Built Rear Coilovers

    What a steal! $39 to my door. Chinas best! Springs are to short & to hard. Figure about 425 in/lbs. The threaded pcs just fit over the front strut tube though, so I'll hold them up with split collars. Then I'll be able to use the threaded part to set corner weights, a lot easier than trying to move the split collar a skosh. Might use two springs in tandem, that would bring the rate down to about 210 in/lbs while keeping a fare amount of wheel travel. Rule of thumb for spring length is the springs need to be about 2 X the shock travel.
  10. docbainey

    Olde Skool 610

    Success! Put on about 40 miles yesterday. Probably more miles then its seen in the last 5 years. It was hot (90's) water never got above 205. That was after a lot of spirited driving (3500 to 5500) and a couple good pulls to 6000~6500. Thinking of painting the center of the wheels satin black? Got to find some center caps as well. The tires (205/50-15) are just a tick taller then the 205/60-13s.
  11. docbainey

    L20B rocker arms

    Currently on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1Pc-CNC-CUSTOM-PERFORMANCE-ROCKER-ARMS-Datsun-L4-510-610-L16/223110204097?hash=item33f2678ac1:g:O-UAAOSwzVhbackb
  12. docbainey

    Olde Skool 610

    Holy crap! Its been over 2 years since Ive added anything here! And its pretty much been over 2 years since this car has been on the road, and it still isn't. Tomorrow, we shall see. New shoes, out with old and in with the new. Of course just cant post a picture in here without knowing the secret hand shake. Some things never change. https://imgur.com/xwa8SEh
  13. docbainey

    Anybody tried a DGAV?

    Get a manual choke conversion kit, like $15.
  14. docbainey

    Anybody tried a DGAV?

    FWIW, early Capri's and Pintos used water chokes. As far as parts go, Pierce Manifolds is the place.
  15. docbainey

    L20B intake/exhaust gasket... help!

    Stoff, According to the Remflex website, I believe they crush to half their original thickness.

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