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  1. Mike I replaced inner/outer tie rods, arms, center link, and adjusted box, no luck. Thanks so much for the insight though, ideally I'm looking for a straight swap part if I can find it, rebuilding is not in my wheelhouse.
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    Or anything that would fit! Thanks for looking.


    Newberg, Oregon - US

  3. Datzenmike I don't know if parts numbers I put in thread were exactly for my car, I have a 78 510 wagon, do you know if the 710 would match up or would it just be to rebuild old box? I did try adjusting box and maxed out how tight I could go and still have 4-6 inches of play. It's soooo shot for sure.
  4. My baby's been in the driveway for years because I hit a dead end once I found out my steering gear box was totally shot after replacing everything else and tightening. Any tips for locating one? I'd post in the classifieds but it seems to be locked as a new user? More curious if anyone has gone through the journey and where the heck you found one!
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