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  1. datsunrides

    Uncommon Z car rim?

    These were available here on the black pearl z and I think as a dealer option afterwards. They are probably worth what other z alloys are.
  2. datsunrides

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Charlie, you need to get a set of 4 rear caps from a Trooper. They are half the depth (and the stickers come off easy with a little heat). That is what I did with mine.
  3. datsunrides

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    I thought I had some oics, but must have been on another computer that died years ago. Truck is currently in storage about 500 miles away.
  4. datsunrides

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    I have these wheels on my 521. The fronts fit nice as I have the Beebani ball joint front end with 720 spindles, so probably similar on a 720. I had to use a 1" spacer on the rear to get the track width similar to the front. It's been a while, but I think the rears rubbed on the inside fenderwell a little so the spacer killed two birds. Not sure if the rear track width on the 720 is the same as a 521.
  5. datsunrides

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Must be due to the commonality (is that a word? LOL) of the dimes. When I registered my Subaru coupe a few years ago, I sent them pictures of it still on the rotisserie (painted shell basically) and was accepted no questions asked. I spoke to Koji at the show that year and he was surprised I got the car done.
  6. datsunrides

    Two Issues at the Back of my 411 Wagon

    1. Try extending the tailpipe or maybe a turndown tip? Probably easier than finding weatherstrip. 2. Usually wheel bearings will make a rumbling type noise. Whining could be something in the diff. Just to help isolate, when you hear the noise, push in the clutch to make sure the noise is not something in the trans. If it’s still there with the clutch disengaged, probably need to drop the pumpkin and check it out. May as well replace the axle bearings if you don’t know the history since you have to pull them to drop the center.
  7. datsunrides

    J13 swap to J15 (520 pickup)

    If your just looking for better freeway cruise, better to change the rear gear as the J15 is not going to make much of a difference there. Just going to max out a little quicker. I swapped from the stock 4:88 to a 4:37 from a 521 and it helped out on the freeway and didn't kill acceleration that much. If I ever build a 520 again, I would seriously consider something like a 4AG engine swap as it's a fairly compact engine and makes good power. The J motors are just barely powerful enough for in town driving, let alone on the speeds people drive on the highway now.
  8. datsunrides

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    There is a large parking lot right across the street.
  9. datsunrides

    Factory 510 wagon axle bearing and seal replacement

    That does not look to be the right bearing. It should only stick out a few thousandths, then you use the thin shims between the axle flange and the back of the backing plate to set end play. Since you are doing disc, you can either cut the plate to match the flange or have a new billet retainer plate made and have it chromed. :D
  10. datsunrides

    Transmission Conversion

    Not really with all the SR swaps being done. Now affordable, that would be rare.
  11. datsunrides

    Transmission Conversion

    You can also get one from a U20 Roadster that is bolt in. With the frankentranny approach you need to modify the frame for the trans to fit in a Roadster so it will probably be the same for a 411. Also, beware the Roadster 5 speed has a couple known issues such as 5th gear freewheeling if it is the non splined version (which is most) and the main shaft retaining nuts backing off. Easy fixes if the trans is out. Oh, and you need to use the U20 backing place or double up a R16 plate for the Roadster one to fit correctly.
  12. datsunrides

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Looking good!
  13. datsunrides

    Rear disk brakes ??????

    I am using the stock valve and have no issues, but it would not be a bad idea to use an adjustable one. My car is a 66’ so it is a single circuit car. The stock 13/16 master had the pedal too low for my tastes and the next largest I could find was a 15/16 which now the pedal is at the top but requires more effort, so a 7/8 should be a sweet spot. If I had the room I would go with a 7/8 dual circuit but there is this turbo thing in the way.
  14. datsunrides

    Rear disk brakes ??????

    The end result is just fine. I used brand new 83'-84' S11 rotors/calipers/brake hoses, and parking brake cable as even 8 years ago they were not easy to find used. If you can find a parts car the caliper brackets are a bolt on, but as you will see in the pics it is not hard to fab your own brackets. You will also either need to cut off most of the backing plate or fab a simple plate to retain the wheel bearing if you completely remove the backing plate, which I did since I was replacing the wheel bearings anyways. Make a couple new brake lines up to go from the splitter to connect to the flex hoses and make a couple brackets to attach to the axle. If you want to keep the parking brake function, you will need to fab a bracket to mount the S11 cable assembly. Not too hard to do. At the time I did this originally I had made up a template for the caliper bracket, and had a CAD drawing for the bearing retainer and parking brake bracket, but those are long gone at this point. You may need to upsize the brake master depending on how you like the pedal to feel. Couple pics attached.
  15. datsunrides

    Rear disk brakes ??????

    I have done the rear disc conversion on my Roadster. What do you need to know?

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