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  1. datsunrides

    77 b210 learning to build (Becky)

    If you want simple efi that you can later put low boost to, take a look at the Holley Sniper TBI setup. Looks promising and much easier to have to fab an adapter plate for the stock intake rather than trying to find a rare A14 efi manifold or fabing one for a multi port setup.
  2. datsunrides

    What Paint To Use On The Frame

    Prep is key. Because I have the room and equipment, I usually will sandblast, epoxy prime, and use a single stage enamel with a actual HVLP gun. However, I have had good success just getting the frame as clean as possible with scrapers, wire wheels, and degreasers. Then give it a final wash with diluted simple green or similar and let thoroughly dry. Then I use VHT epoxy rattle can directly on the frame, no primer. Seems pretty durable. As Soff has said, SEM makes good products also, but are on the pricey side for rattle can, but are way better (IMO) than typical box store rattle can.
  3. datsunrides

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay, and the owner is willing to accept.
  4. datsunrides

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    Well, it’s not super complex, but you do need to find a turbo with carbon seals for a draw thru setup. Just guessing that the best carb for a draw thru, based on what I have read and seen would be a large SU carb. Where I would think the complexity would rear its head is timing control. The oil supply and return to the turbo can be an issue, but probably not bad for someone with good fab skills. I mean if you can do the fab work for the manifolds and such, the rest is fairly straight forward. Would definitely be easier on a crossflow design.
  5. datsunrides

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    So, you are thinking of doing a turbo H20? And by the sounds of it maybe a “simple” system? A “simple” system, whether draw through or blow through with a carb is not really that simple unless you are talking really low boost pressure, which in that case it kinda doesn’t make sense vs doing something like a KA/SR swap that would have the same power level without the complexity. Now, if you want to do it just to do it, I can understand that. I have a turbo/efi U20 in my roadster. Doesn’t really make sense, but I did it because I could.
  6. datsunrides

    Datsun Roadster owners in Puget Sound (DROPS)

    You can try and send a PM to 66Fairlady. They are still active and he is one of the founders I believe.
  7. datsunrides

    Project FTO

    3rd page re-linked.
  8. datsunrides

    Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

    Could the failure be as simple as the replacement relay had too low of an amp rating? Say if the relay was only rated at 10a and your fuse was at 15a, the relay would blow firstif 10a was exceeded. You could technically do what you described, but the relay probably runs off battery power so if you connected it to the pump power it would constantly run without a switch. Your truck, but a relay circuit is pretty simple so I would try and find out what is going on. Could also be a defective relay. Kind of rare, but I have seen them bad right out of the box.
  9. datsunrides

    Project FTO

    2nd page re-linked.
  10. datsunrides

    Project FTO

    I am bored I guess. Working on re-linking pics. Got the 1st page done. By the way, still have the truck and she is still going strong. Made a trip from Hollister Ca. to Roseburg Or. towing a 4x8 trailer and bed full of tools/parts back in April with no problem. It did not like pulling up a couple of the steep grades, but the slowest it got down to was 45mph and not a sign of overheating.
  11. datsunrides

    One six industries

    I am looking at getting one of the new Holley 2bbl Sniper TBI setups to try out. Yeah, it’s not super cheap, but way cheaper than a custom fab standalone efi. Seems to be mostly self contained with the exception of the fuel pump, CTS and the O2. Probably has a built in “limp home” mode so it will keep going on a preset parameter if a sensor fails. Now, if the fuel pump fails, then your stuck, but that goes the same for a carb. I used to be leery of EFI myself, but after doing a couple OEM conversions and a SDS crankfire standalone with thousands of miles on them with the only failure being a fuel pump on my KA-E swapped 521 (did not leave me stranded, just started cutting out due to low fuel pressure) they have proven to be at least as reliable as a carb with way better drivability. Hot Spark looks to have a interesting and reasonably priced electronic distributor for the L motors.
  12. datsunrides

    who do you all insure threw?

    I have Haggerty. Yes, you need to have a minimum agreed value, 3500 IIRC, but it’s pretty inexpensive for full coverage.
  13. datsunrides

    50mil or 80mil sound deadening material

    Oops, sorry. I forgot you know better than anyone on anything. My bad.
  14. datsunrides

    50mil or 80mil sound deadening material

    If you have to use them as a means of your trade, they are that good. Try using something like current Craftsman or other mid range tools on a daily basis then tell me they aren’t *that good*. There is a cost benefit in the better materials, design, and ergonomics as a professional tech. As a weekend warrior, then I would agree the tool truck brands are overkill.
  15. datsunrides

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    Do what you want, it’s your ride. With a little thought I’m sure you can do it with reversible mods. I have a Mits V6 in a Corolla wagon and a Mazda 4 banger in my 1200. Thinking about dropping a LS in one of my Colts too. No stranger to cross-pollination.

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