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  1. I have used the following B series engine parts on a J13 Rocker arm shaft Rocker arm stand Rocker arm bushings Lifter cover gasket Aluminum valve cover/gasket Single DCOE intake manifold Patriot brand header I also used some transmission parts/gaskets for the late 320/early 520 floor shift smooth case 4 speed
  2. datsunrides

    Plug wires??

    My 520 had a cap like the grey one. Basically was just like a regular plug wire except no boot.
  3. On the car I used a surge tank setup on, I repurposed a evap can to use as the surge tank as it had enough nipples and in good spots to perform the function. As a benefit, it fit behind the rear panel cover in the back of the wagon.
  4. Here is what I did to my 521 tank when I swapped a KA-E. I have have also done a setup with a surge tank and also used the tanks inc. module. The surge tank is probably easiest but it’s kind of messy plumbing wise. Tanks inc. setup is nice because no welding. Back when I did the 521 the Tanks inc. setup was not around or that would be the way to go.
  5. those appear to be Hoshino Impul wheels. Similar to the Work 02.
  6. I would say the pistons are standard. Not sure what the other stamping means. If it was .003 then I would say its an oversize piston for std bore as they make slightly oversize rings for when the bores need to be cleaned up with an aggressive hone (like for a small taper), but not bored. Rushn is right that sometimes it is better to just get the pistons made. It was a while ago but I had some forged JE pistons made for a U20 engine for I think $400/set. Kind of hard to justify spending that coin on a J13. When I had my 520 and needed to re-ring it, I strongly considered looking into whether it was a drop in to use a MGB 1800.
  7. As long as your satisfied with the purchase, that’s all that really matters. Not speaking to this in particular but people overpay for things they want everyday. I’ve bought things for $100 and felt ripped off and also spent 7k on a car and felt like I got a screaming deal.
  8. It looks like there may be stampings on top of the piston that indicate it’s been bored out already. It would usually have something like .030 (inches) or maybe 1.0 (mm). Couple points I can make are if it’s already been bored out, check your head gasket to see how much larger you can bore it before the head gasket won’t seal. Most motors can go .060 over before a sonic check is in order to make sure the cylinder walls are not getting too thin. If the damage to that cylinder is too much to fix with a bore job, you can always consider a liner. Finding off the shelf oversized pistons will probably take a bit of hunting, most likely via forklift part suppliers but you can always get custom pistons made, but at a cost you may find unacceptable.
  9. I don’t believe Les or Kevin do bodywork in house. Might want to go over to 311s.org and ask there as there are a ton of Roadster people in the LA area and should have recommendations.
  10. The noise you hear is probably due to worn out rocker arm bushings and the rocker shaft itself. When I rebuilt my J13 head, the MGB rocker shaft was a direct fit and the rocker bushings fit but need to be reamed for clearance. When done, the top end was pretty quiet. Couple other notes, any competent machine shop should be able to do bronze liners for the valve guides if they are worn (don’t let them knurl them) and if needed you can probably get the lifters reground by a place that regrinds cams, like Colt or Delta. Gasket sets pop up from time to time.
  11. Not sure if this helps, but I dropped a KA-E in my 521 and used a lockup 3N71 from a early 80’s S11. This was quite a while ago so I don’t remember the specifics but I do recall having to custom make a crank bushing for the torque converter to center on. Might have had to drill new holes in the flex plate for the converter also. While the trans bolted up fine, it was the converter interface that required a little fab.
  12. datsunrides

    noise control

    For years my process has been using a epoxy primer on a clean surface followed by Dynatron undercoat. The clean surface can be either bare metal (which is usually my case) or cleaned and scuffed paint. Benefit of the dynatron is it can be topcoated.
  13. The totes are great except its hard to keep track of everything in them. I don't know how many times I go rooting thru them looking for a specific item. I determined once I get fully organized from my move I will make a list of the items in the respective tote and then zip tie that in one of those sheet protectors to the tote so I can just read what is on that particular tote. To keep this somewhat on topic, I hope to have my coupe back on the road this year. Its been off the road way too long.
  14. Welcome to the area from another recent transplant. I'm about an hour south of you in Roseburg. I'd offer to help you out, but I have to many projects to handle myself right now. I wish I could recommend someone but I do all my own work.
  15. Time Left: 1 hour and 38 minutes

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    I have the following wheels for sale. All are OBO. Will ship but local pickup preferred. 13x5 slot mags with brand new 155/80-13 tires. If the centercaps are original (they look to be) these are Shelby wheels. Wheels are in good shape but would look awesome refinished. Asking $500 + shipping. 13x5.5 steel wheels. These are actually Dodge Colt rallye wheels but would fit a Datsun just fine. Something different for a basic steel wheel. Centercaps not included but could be for an additional cost if you want horse logo caps. Asking $100 + shipping for the set of 5 or $80 for local pickup. Tires will be removed only if shipped. 15x6.5 +18 stock Starion wheels. wheels are in good shape and have 3 of the 4 centercaps. Not to everyone's taste but 15" 4 lug wheels are not the easiest to find. Tires are junk. Asking $350 local pick up or $400 shipped mostly to cover the cost of removing and disposing the tires.


    Roseburg, Oregon - US

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