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Underhood service light

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I don't think any of the USA spec 510's had the engine compartment light, unless perhaps it was offered as a dealer option.  However, I too have a 1969 510 with one in the engine compartment, but it also has a map light on the passenger inner A pillar, so I always assumed somebody installed the engine compartment light!  All of the Z cars came with the lights.


Is your lamp kinda oval shaped with a twist off end that holds the lamp & plastic domed lens?  If so, that is the same as the Z car.  Sorry, I don't host & post pics like Ratsun requires!

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This is where that lamp was installed on my 1969 510.  It had 2 crude self tapping holes & a crude homemade wire coming off fuse box, so somebody simply installed it.......


Wow!  This new pic posting is GREAT!!! 😎


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On 7/30/2020 at 7:37 AM, Trophy24 said:

Here is the location of the light on my Bluebird 



By Bluebird, do you mean a JDM spec car?  (I see the fender mirror stalk!)  That might have been factory for JDM, but I've never seen a lamp in a USA spec 510 that LOOKED like it came from the factory, only that looked like it was added later, either dealer added or over the counter customer added...............?  The location & wiring is what I have questioned before on USA spec cars...........


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