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if your stock exhaust manifold is bad I would take off both.

If your putting on a cheap header thinking your going to go FASTER your waisting your time and reliability of the car for such a minute gain and I mean minute gain by putting on a header on a 35hp motor if that.. Unless its Ceramic Coated also.

I say don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if your set up is fine as it is and works.

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There is a header on there now. The issue with the one that is that the way it's built is hangs way too low. My truck is lowered already and I'd like to go lower. So the new header (which was cheaper than a exhaust manifold) will allow me to adjust/move the pipe up and over some. I have no aspirations of going fast with the current engine.

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He mentioned he was not looking to go fast, so I posted a photo of a stock type manifold with the single head pipe that would make it much easier for exhaust routing on a lowered vehicle, there is more needed to make that exhaust manifold work as it is an emissions manifold with at least 3 holes in it that need to be plugged.

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