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  1. 89Sunny


    Probably but I did no/do not have one and the ones I found were at least $100 more than the header.
  2. 89Sunny


    There is a header on there now. The issue with the one that is that the way it's built is hangs way too low. My truck is lowered already and I'd like to go lower. So the new header (which was cheaper than a exhaust manifold) will allow me to adjust/move the pipe up and over some. I have no aspirations of going fast with the current engine.
  3. 89Sunny


    Thanks. I didn't even think to pick up a new gasket. That's an older picture I've put on a newer air filter since then.
  4. 89Sunny


    This might be a dumb question BUT do I need to take off the intake to take off and replace the header?
  5. as it's sitting now not much at all. It's a very stiff ride and It will still bottom out over larger bumps at speed.
  6. Side question Icehouse said he is running 510 LCAs and TB. What difference do they make? Anyone know? They look pretty similar to the ones I am currently running. There are adjustable sets out there.
  7. It;s pretty stiff already at it's current height. I have the Konis at mid stiffness. I'm leaving it for now I just wondered if any of you all had run into such a noise.
  8. I though of this too BUT I just spent quite a bit having these made I am in no hurry to pay to make new ones. I'll ride 1/2" higher in the front for now.
  9. I am going to agree with this one. If I leave about an 1" on the threads and do not take it down to 1/2" left on the threads it seems to be ok. The odd thing is/was that the drivers side would not get the same "clunk" when set to the same height. I am currently running with it at the 1" mark but it has my truck sitting 1/2" higher in the front.
  10. You would think it would be easy to diagnose but it's not. I have had people rock it, I can rock it etc but it's hard to find where exactly the noise is coming from.
  11. It's me again. So I got the T3 Coilovers installed and they look fantastic. BUT when I got low enough to level out front to back I get an odd "clunk" It sounds like the spring is hitting the side of the shock tower but it's not. Any idea? Clues? Thoughts?
  12. Well after taking everything loose/off and having everything balanced on a jack I finally got the springs on and everything lined up. (with blocks). I have to go over everything and tighten it tonight. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  13. Now I admit that I am not that smart when it comes to this truck BUT i do have the spring on correctly. The big eye in the front just as it came off. 🙂 @datzenmike Well I could not get the first one too fit right I did not want to cut more to try to get the 2nd one to fit. I'm learning ..
  14. This was just sent from the seller so i guess I'll do this first. It's free and easy Hi Todd Yes do the other side. The reason this side won’t line up is due to the other side standard spring pulling the diff forward due to the ark the spring gets in it when unloaded. You will probably notice that the other side wheel isn’t sitting in the centre of the wheel arch when it’s jacked up like it is. The new springs won’t flattern out as much when loaded so there won’t be as much difference in wheel movement between loaded and unloaded.
  15. Thanks!! So do you think 3/16 wall is thick enough? BTW and completely off subject my family and I will be vacationing up your way this summer.
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