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  1. Well after taking everything loose/off and having everything balanced on a jack I finally got the springs on and everything lined up. (with blocks). I have to go over everything and tighten it tonight. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  2. Now I admit that I am not that smart when it comes to this truck BUT i do have the spring on correctly. The big eye in the front just as it came off. 🙂 @datzenmike Well I could not get the first one too fit right I did not want to cut more to try to get the 2nd one to fit. I'm learning ..
  3. This was just sent from the seller so i guess I'll do this first. It's free and easy Hi Todd Yes do the other side. The reason this side won’t line up is due to the other side standard spring pulling the diff forward due to the ark the spring gets in it when unloaded. You will probably notice that the other side wheel isn’t sitting in the centre of the wheel arch when it’s jacked up like it is. The new springs won’t flattern out as much when loaded so there won’t be as much difference in wheel movement between loaded and unloaded.
  4. Thanks!! So do you think 3/16 wall is thick enough? BTW and completely off subject my family and I will be vacationing up your way this summer.
  5. 2nd thought: I have lowering blocks that go with this too so I was thinking of making new blocks. Center the pin (read welded on bolt) on the top and relocate the hole on the bottom to accept the new spring pin location. Or does this NEED to be centered?
  6. I might have just figured out a solution unless someone tells me I'm stupid. Can I just drill a new hole and move the pin up to the correct location?
  7. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    I got the struts/coilovers back and they look AWESOME. I will be working on putting them back together tonight and mounted this week.
  8. Does anyone here run adjustable rear leaf spring shackles in the front? I bought some rear leaf springs for an older 1200 and they do not line up. They told me to notch where it connects in the front so I did and the pin still does not line up.
  9. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    Well I got them off. The passenger side was not easy and it took two grown men an hour of beating it with a hammer, spraying it with PB Blaster and finally getting a screwdriver in enough to pry it apart. You can see the fine paint job the guy before me did. Who needs to tape?
  10. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    Well the drivers side came off like it could not wait to do so. The passenger side is still stuck as it ever was. I followed the instructions posted above for the drivers side (use big pole)
  11. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    Thanks I will give that a shot once/if the snow stops here today.
  12. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    Here you go. The arrow is pointing to the bolt I posted in the first picture. This side is starting to come down but I would not think it would take this much pressure/work to get it loose. These have been off before as the guy before me had the whole truck sitting lopsided. Thanks about the rims. They are a massive 13" and will be for sale one I get an offset set of wheels (probably next year at this point).
  13. 89Sunny

    Strut removal

    First I'm new here and new to this truck. I've read this great write up and have done my best to follow it. The only difference being I have drum brakes. This is the passenger side (Drivers side in US) the steering knuckle side is coming down slightly but this side does not seem to budge. I've used a bit of force. Any suggestions? Thanks Todd
  14. Google translate app has a camera function. Just choose Japanese and point the camera at it and it will translate it.
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