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Went to small car show this weekend...

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See XXX Rootbeer drive in is a old school burger joint that holds car show all summer, it has a huge parking lot.They just look for different Car clubs to host a weekend. Like this last weekend wa BLVD.C.C. an Old lowrider club from Seattle.. So this was there weekend the drive in pays for all the adverising free use of the drive in parking lot etc. All the club has to do is supply awards , T shirts or what have you. Well the Manager of the XXX called the club on tuesday to confirm everything and got no answer. Finally on thursday he got ahold of someone and they said that they had lost some sponserships and couldnt afford to do the show , and all it was doing was causing stress with in the club. So they where just not going to do the show. And by this time it was to late to cancell the show, so the club agree to at least show up and have a cruise in..with no money collected and no awards given,,,,,well no show, no call..no show...The crazy thing was last year they has about 80 cars which isnt bad for a lowrider clubs first show...who knows

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