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working for low mfg in the 1970s

pat kelley

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620 front end set up,kit 4x4  ship out was all done by me.know a lot about low mfg.


The 620 front end set-up, aka the 4x4 kit, made by Low Mfg. back in the day, was all shipped out by me when I worked for them.


Having been an employee for them, I have insider knowledge about the company and can answer questions pertaining to the aforementioned 4x4 kit.






I'll be available to translate further responses as well.

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Just looking to help folks with the 4 wheel drive kits from Low MFG. Worked for them from '77 to '80.


Early kits were 5 lug Jeep drum, then the rest were disc brakes using Datsun rotors and calipers.


For the aluminum front ends, I just remember that they were a pain.


Not trying to sell any parts, just looking to help people and try to locate other employees. Low MFG went away because other manufactures began to make 4wd factory.

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It became too easy to buy a 4WD from the dealership so the product wasn't as needed. It was harder to get front ends because they were making Cherokees. We had been getting the front ends from AMC but couldn't get them from Chrysler. That's why Low's started making their own aluminum front ends. We could still get the straight axles. We would cut them and flange them to mount up to the aluminum front ends.

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