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L16 turbo kit?

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Yes, looks legit and Rayjay were makers of turbo kits for Datsuns back in the day however they are very primitive and boost was mostly regulated by exhaust back pressure and not a waste gate. No BOVs either. Today's turbos would be better. They have come a long long way in 40 years.

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It would be worth getting as a start, then upgrade the turbo and other bits as you can.


Looks like it is a Draw Through where the Weber DGV feeds the turbo intake and then adapted to the intake carb mount.


It is fun, few things to setup your motor for it is a refresh of gaskets and rings, turbo oil return tube to oil pan, oil pressure feed to turbo, really good gas, and much more to prep it.

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No BOV means shorter turbo life due to shock loads to the turbine/compressor shaft when a sudden throttle closing happens.

Can't add a normal one due to 'draw through', with the air/fuel being discharged into hot engine bay.

(AKA a big BOMB!)

If added, discharge would need to be connected into the exhaust, so all flames would be directed out the back.


Back in the day turbo tech needs to stay on the shelf.

Just look at all the failed OEM turbo applications in the '60s & '70s.

Maybe if it was 1/4 the price, but hose, fittings, and custom built turbo manifolds are cheap, compared to replacing a stone age turbo right off the bat.


A Borg-Warner EFR turbo, with built in waste gate, and BOV can be had for under $800.

Buy a engine flange, the turbo flange, and some stainless steel sch-40 butt-weld fittings, and weld up a tubo manifold.

Buy the turbo outlet flange, and what ever is needed to pipe into your exhaust.

Plumb oil to it, and a K&N air box to put on top of a Weber 2-brl., and do a blow through.


Buying that piece of history, and replacing the most expensive piece is silly.

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That Crown kit could be bad ass with 280zx turbo pistons they hung together with water injection , I had a fast 521 ,mine had a 45mm sidedraft.

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