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1984 720 with "Heavy Duty on the tail gate.


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 HEAVY DUTY in bold outline lettering? Yes this was original. The same font was used for DATSUN and NISSAN and 4 WHEEL DRIVE decals.


Heavy Duty options include larger rads, a higher spring rate leaf spring (for campers) and perhaps stiffer torsion bars. Perhaps a higher output alternator. May include clock and tach  which were an option otherwise.




You will need to sign up to a picture hosting site. ( such as imgur although there are others and it's free ) Up load your pictures to it, copy the image code and come to your Ratsun post and click on the little green square with the square green border around it, just below the yellow smiley face. Follow the prompts. 

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There were 3 different 720 boxes.



'83-'84 and



Took a 50/50 gamble. 


That 'Heavy Duty' is a '79 620 decal.   99999-00326. There was also a smaller one for the front fender. As mentioned it's probably been reproduced but if you look it does not fit properly and flows over the body crease. It fits the 620 tailgate which is flat curving surface. I do like it all the same.


There is a 720 linear HEAVY DUTY decal to match the same font as the DATSUN to the left on that tail gate.


The small DATSUN decal (96995-10W01) is '83.5 and '84 and was used through the Datsun to Nissan branding change over to attract brand loyalty buyers.

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Well let me say that the the 720 ended production roughly half way through the '86 model year and the D21 started immediately after. Last 720, end Oct '85, first D21 November '85. Give or take.


However now that I look more closely, although the model year change is always June of the previous year, all 720s after June are designated '85s and the D21 is an '86. So go figure.... Arguably the 720 ends in the '86 model year. So if ordering parts maybe don't say it's an '86 but give the month built in '85 if after June.


That was a good question....

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On 3/23/2022 at 2:44 PM, Manny Vega said:

Yes, I have a 1984 720 that g head the Datsun and heavy duty on the tail gate, it came that way from the dealership. How many long bed heavy duty 720 were made. Is the carburetor diferente in this model? 


I don't think so. But it has a higher payload capacity of 700Kg (1,550 pounds) rather than the regular King Cab of 500 Kg (1,104 pounds) so stiffer leaf springs and probably different shocks. There's more I'm sure. Give me a minute

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H..... I believe designates a Salisbury type differential. This is a bolt in third member.

The second letter the diameter which would be 190mm but I can't seem to find any consensus on this. There are H-145, H-150, H-165, H-190 and H-233. By this D would be H-190.

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2 hours ago, DuallyDatsun said:

On this note, was there ever a "1 ton" badge or decal for old nissan/datsun pickups? I swear I've seen them on old Toyotas, but don't recall it on the 620/720s.


Not on the 620 or 720 but the J13 powered L520 and the L521 had a payload of 1,000Kg or 2,100 pounds. I think they had a badge on the tailgate saying  PAYLOAD 1000Kg. 

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