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    1984-1985 Nissan 720 z24 Longbed.
  1. cdelwood

    Best way to find 720's for Sale?

    I have been looking for a truck the same as the one I had in High School. It was a 1984 720 5-speed longbed with the z24 engine. We shagged our way together for almost 200k miles until I got married and had kids. I would love to find another one but the usual used car sites are not much help. Does anyone have ideas on sites to look at? I check Craigslist quite often.
  2. Anyone seen this before? Looks original. It is on the bottom right of the gate. Right where "King Cab" or "Longbed" would be located. If I could figure out how to post a pic, I would. Edit to add pics:

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