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  1. If you want to go with just relaxing them and can find a good set. Z31 300zx seats line up almost perfectly with the bolt holes. I had a set of leather ones out of a turbo in my 84 that were great.
  2. DuallyDatsun


    Like said before Z31 300zx seats fit great. I had the leather ones out of a turbo in my 84 and they were great. Bolt holes line up almost perfectly.
  3. The wood grain on the give box front is glued on, but there's also holes around the edge to the back, where there are tabs folded over to the back side. Once that's off it'll be obvious something is missing from that spot, as the section is a little recessed from the rest of the glove box door.
  4. On a different note though. I really need to get that temp gauge working. 😂
  5. Took a little drive in the dually today. Love the way it cruises. Pegged the speedo and was only at 3700rpm
  6. Also, drove the truck and trailer loaded from SLC to Portland (13 hour drive up) to help my sister move up there. Then the 13 hours back with it all empty.
  7. Some of the towing I've done. Only recently picked up the dually, but it'll be doing plenty of pulling over the next few years.
  8. That's a rough pickup, but definitely workable. Good luck with polishing this one up. Lots of work ahead of you.
  9. Simple 3 inch drops on these are the best combination of looking good and being comfortably driveable.
  10. Good looking truck. I like the factory graphics down the side. Looks like a very clean mostly original truck. 😍
  11. And Stollman, the brand isn't really what matters so much as the measurements. As long as you're within about an inch difference in measurement it should work.
  12. Stoffregen. They are referred to as Foolie wheels. It's a single wheel with two separate sets of lips that each hold a tire
  13. I've been lucky when coming across truck shells. The silver one on the dually was with it when I bought it. The blue one on the trailer was on it when I bought it. And the black one on my 84 I got from a friend, who bought a truck that already had it on it, and didn't want the shell, and gave it to me. I do have an aluminum one that's a little beat up, but I don't use it anymore. Found that one for $80 in local classifieds. It was about a 90% good fit. A tiny bit of overhang, and the window between the cab sat a couple inches low. But a good shell, regardless. I'm not using that one anymore. It just sits in my backyard.
  14. I've never been one to shy away from higher revs and redlines. My cruising limit is usually 1500-2k under whatever redline is on my cars/trucks, though. In 20 years I've never popped an engine, so I guess I'm not being too hard on them. My 84 720 is this one. It obviously has the Z24 I drove it, with the trailer, both loaded, from SLC to Portland averaging around 75mph the whole way. It was a little screamy, but never once gave me issue, nor on the trip back. or since. I don't have a working tach in this one, but it definitely was a little higher than what the dually was doing at the same speed.
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