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  1. We are moving closer to Cour D alene after Spring. I live in a Tiny house on wheels and we only staged ourselves here for the winter until we find a place in Northern Idaho to buy property or to rent some land. Boise is nice but there is to many fucking people here.
  2. I'd be down to meet up there. its only a 2 hour drive or so
  3. I am having a similar problem where my 1980 just is shit in the morning.
  4. When I am free this weekend I'll send you the links in this thread.
  5. There is substantial evidence that there was multiple species of hominids that existed in the Americans long before we entered the scene. I also agree, the term Native or aboriginal people is stupid. Also the "Out of Africa" theory or "clover first" theory has been debunked about 10 years ago. We actually no longer have a clue where we come from. I can provide the journal entries from Science Magazine and Nature magazine that talk about how we no longer believe we all migrated from Africa.
  6. The funny thing is the "Native Americans" are not even Native to America. They all immigrated from Asia thousands of years ago lol
  7. Well I am sorry that the people who migrated here first (The natives) lost the war to the people who migrated here second. My family didn't get here until the late 30's so Iuno my guy.
  8. I think they all come in 5 speed.
  9. The kit I just bought that had the wrong bushings came with the cap and I already installed it. I only need the two pieces. I know the link only shows 1. I planned on buying two of them.
  10. I actually just found this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/201349572249?hash=item2ee15ea699:g:qCUAAOSwz2NdXXxk I only really need that part to make it stop rattling since there is so much space and that piece should fill the gap.
  11. this one? Should this one work since its the only other type? I put my make/model (1980 720 4x4) and it says on ebay it is compatible. Just wanna confirm.
  12. I usually step on the gas pedal about 2-4 times then start it. It idles around 1,200 Rpms for a little bit. I have my normal Rpm set to idle around 800 rpm. No, its not connected. I was planning on buying one this weekend.
  13. Hey all, As winter draws closer and closer to my area I am noticing that my 1980 720 idles really rough when cold. It also shakes pretty bad as well. I am wondering if it is a vacuum leak or something else (engine mounts?). Wondering if there is any quick things I can check to elevate the problem as I don't really wanna change my engine mounts anytime soon.
  14. I have a shift boot already. I just lifted it up so you can see the pin.
  15. I will try to find another hosting site. I just attached it to my google drive and I get it. I don't sign up for shit ether lol
  16. Also, I am going to speculate that the person before me lost the spring as there was no spring in the shifter. Is there a good site that I can buy the proper parts?
  17. Even when you click the link? Try this one...It won't let me upload to the forum as it exceeds the maximum MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Ht6aMjYDH772Y53JpnIPWpDqe9sJvAF/view?usp=sharing
  18. Well I just wasted 35 bucks It was the wrong kind of bushing for my 1980 720. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Ht6aMjYDH772Y53JpnIPWpDqe9sJvAF/view?usp=sharing That is the kind I have. Its ok I'll try to resell it on ebay or something.
  19. I don't know about the letter D but I 100% support the fact that there should be a grace period before you can start voting.
  20. You 100% can tell someone from California around my area.
  21. Most of California is fleeing now to Idaho and Arizona. Kind of sad.
  22. Yea, we are going to spend the winter driving around and finding a good place. THe town we lived in while we were in Arizona had like 500 people. We got use to it and now miss it. So this winter we will figure it out and what not. Just tough when you live in a "Tiny House" on wheels.
  23. Yea just looking at that little bastard I can tell its gonna be tough lol
  24. Doesn't sound to complicated. I'll get back on Tuesday night when it is all said and done.
  25. I don't have FB anymore and I haven't seen anyone with a Datsun around here just yet.
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