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Lifted 521?


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I don't believe that you will do well on the freeway at freeway speeds, but since it has a low range I suspect that will make up for any inadequate torque issues rolling around in the woods.

I had a 521 4wd diesel and in the end I decided that it likely would not push the truck thru the air so I made it a 2wd, it was a good decision as I barely could get up hills, that extra weight would have likely killed the truck, since then I turbocharged the engine and I suspect it now could push the extra weight down the freeway.

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I'm struggling to find a thread that outlines what a good way to lift a 521 is. Ideally about enough to accommodate 235/75/15s. And how would an l16 like that? Thanks

Ok doesn't sound like your trying to do a 4x4 lift just enough to accomodate that tire size....

First stock size tire is about 24" tall.. those are almost 29"... and kind of wide 9.3 inches . I had that size on the rear of my 521 for a while with a flatbed. But I believe a factory bed would clear them too at the factory ride height.. not sure the offset of my rims, i believe zero, but they were close to rubbing the frame in the rear. Up front they might be to much with the steering again kind of wide... up front I was running a 205/75 15.. 27 tall 8" wide....

Now I have close to the stock size height of 24" about 7.7 wide... 195/60 15....

Look up " tire size comparison" they are good to see how big the tire actually is.... and my tired L16 didn't care...


What are you trying to achieve?

Tall sidewall look or wider tires?


So regardless do you have any block spacers under the rear axle? If so remove them rear goes up.....

In the front it's can be adjusted by the tortion bars... same way everyone lowers them just opposite... same thing goes on raising it will mess with your camber some..

Hope that helps....

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My brother and I had a lifted 510 wagon with rally tires on it. It worked out fine and was fun as hell to drive. Flogging around dirt roads can be very exciting.


Are you going to use it in the sand? A little L16 probably won't have enough juice to push it very hard in the sand.

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Just feeling out if people have done it and how. No big deal. Not trying to do anything crazy just a mild lift to accommodate bigger tires. But my buddy has some aggressive 205/75/14s. Maybe that will be a happy medium.


Edit. To answer the prior questions, more interested in tall and skinny. Just to make it usable around the property.

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I once worked in Odessa (mid '80s) but lived briefly with my brother in Napanee. I would usually travel to Oshawa to party on the weekends but the 401 is too boring, so I would drive up to Kaladar and take 7 to 115.  Drove a '71 521 back then and loved to travel.  Small world. Good times.

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