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521 Front end repair

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Was told by the alignment shop I need

Idler arm

Upper control arm

and strut rod bushings.

I am not sure if it is the right terminology 


I found 2  the Idler Rock auto


MEVOTECH MS30909 Supreme Info

MOOG K9058 {#48530B2000, 48530B9510} Info


I found Control Arm Bushings

MOOG K9207 {#5451908700} Package Quantity As Shown In Image Info

Front Upper Outer; Contains Driver And Passenger Side Bushings
Strut rod bushings not showing on rock auto
are these the 2 bushings that are under the front bumper

This suspension is different than any thing I am used to (seems like a trend)
I looked at an old post but all the Photo bucket pictures are gone (also seems like a trend)

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The 521 is a torsion bar suspension.



Idler arm may come as a kit to replace the , or a complete replacement.

Strut rod is also called the tension rod.


It's true, there's no point doing an alignment on these worn parts.

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The inner or outer upper control arm bushings? The outers are the ones you found on Rock Auto. I replaced mine recently. They work pretty well. If you buy these, get Qty 2, each package contains two bushings, which is enough to do one side.


As far as the inners...they are expensive, and hard to find. Some people say they don't go bad, but, mine are definitely bad. They're the same ones used on Roadsters. If they don't get greased regularly, they go bad. They're also an absolute BITCH to get off.



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get under there and wiggle shit around. if not wiggle then dont worry to much abut it yet

the upper bushing are EZ to change but there is a way to do it EZer than what I did before.Jack the hub up and spray  PB blaster on the bushing and nut ans inside ans turn the bolt or nut which ever one is EZer to get the bolt out and then wack with a hammer with the nut on the get bolt out far as possible before you remove the nut so bolt slides thru the hole


I recently did the my center link and tie rods.



if front dont shake dont worry about it

why you need it alighned? Tires wearing badly  If tires OK then dont worry about it.

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The tension rod bushings can be replaced with shock absorber bushings.  I would go with rubber over urethane.  The upper, outer bushings for the UCA are dirt cheap....buy several sets since they're going to go out in 6mo to a year.  


I haven't come across a set of upper inners that were so bad I needed to replace them.  If you take the UCA off the truck, they're easy to take apart, just spin each half off the cross shaft.  


The bottom of the dogbone(lower outer control arm bushing) has a fulcrum pin....which is basically the same as UCA inner bushings.  Probably not worn enough to cause issues......but it's possible.  

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