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HL510 electronic ignition???

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The L20 I pulled out of my car last year had a complete 1979 510 wiring harness. I was running the electronic ignition and the internally regulated alternator.


My question is: Can I use a 1979 L20B distributor on a L18???


I have all the wiring to get my car running if I can use that distributor on the L18. The alternator should fit and the starter too.


Let me know if it is a bad idea, this is the distributor and the L20



It would be nice to keep my intermitent windshield wipers, and the HL510 wiring harness is easy. The previous owner put the 1979 dash in and the whole wiring harness:eek:

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An '80 had a Z20S engine. The L20B was only used '78-79. But the '80 (non-Cali) Z20 was an odd duck in that it didn't have 8 spark plugs.


Yes, you can use the L20B dist on a L18... just make sure you swap the pedestal with it (some folks don't take the pedestal then wonder why it won't fit, won't time, etc). Starter will be the same, almost all L-series starters are interchangeable. There's a couple dozen parts numbers but I haven't actually found one that didn't swap over.

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Yeah it was a 1979 510 wiring harness, and L20B. I forgot which year.


Thanks for the help, I have the L18 distributor with points so I can swap the pedestal

I will post some pics of the swap.

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Swap the EI coil onto the L18 and run without the ballast resistor.

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My L18 was owned by an idiot. He hooked a chain to this bolt to pull the motor:mad:


I think I need a new front case. Will a L16 front cover fit a L18? I have a old L16 front cover that had a new front seal years ago.

I can't find out if it will fit a L18, I am reading though:



Swap the EI coil onto the L18 and run without the ballast resistor.

Yeah I plan to use the 1979 coil and all the wires, and I mean ALL the wires



The Previous owner started the dash swap, he even swapped the whole steering column, and HL510 steering box. I put the stock box and column back in. and I made the wood panels in high school 8 years ago.


I Hate Previous owners:



Definately not a metric bolt, but I am glad it is only gasket sealer and not JB Weld.

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front cover :: the L16 & 18 are the same.

the L20 is a little taller, not sure by how much...




found more info ...

quoted from DATZENMIKE ::::

Any L16 or L18 will interchange, only L20B will fit the L20B, Z20 and Z22 will interchange and Z24 will only fit Z24.

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added more info

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