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B210 random stalls


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The issue started while driving. The car stalled and I couldn't get it started. I cleaned the plugs, found a small air leak, fixed, but still no start. Cleaned out one of the carburator sensors, and finally got it going. Ran it, set timing and idle, etc. Ran it for a long time. Stopped and started it, fine. Then, after long time idling, it died. Tried starting and very hard. Got it going again after long while, ran it, fine. Then sitting idling, it stopped again. Really hard to start up again. Finally got it going, ran it, stopped, started, fine. Then same thing, stopped randomly during idle, and really hard to start up.


Anyone with ideas?

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Fuel filter replaced. Same issue. Also I'd already set the points and timing and idle/mixture. runs well for varying amounts of time, then dies, then hard start. However if I stop it myself before the die, starts right back up. Previously the final thing that got it started was spraying wd40 thru the anti-dieseling solenoid valve entry.

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You need spark and you need gas to run but too much gas will also cause it not to start..




Next time it won't start take the top off the air cleaner and look....


Is there gas in the glass bull's eye on the front of the carb and if so, is it over filled or normal?


Do you see gas dripping in? Yes... It's over filling at idle and flooding. Float stuck or set incorrectly or inlet needle valve stuck or blocked from closing by dirt


Is the choke on or part on by any chance?






Pull the coil wire off the cap, put an old spark plug in the end and lay it on a grounded surface.


Turn the engine over with the key. Got spark??? If yes see CARB above.


No spark? Check the points gap you mentioned, should be about 0.020" gap.

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Thanks all. Datzenmike I checked the choke and sure enough I had to manually close it when it was cold. Started right up. Whrn cold and gas pressed it moved but not all the way closed. Doesn't seem stuck, just maybe not set right. To your other questions, points set correct and fuel seems right in the window but hard to see in.

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